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Kedai Mebel Jepara

Indonesian furniture factory IntroductionPrice List

What We Can Do

Antique reproduction furniture indoenesia

Antique Reproduction

Jepara city are well known for wood carving culture, it make us able to produce antque reproduction furniture which usually have carved detail

Teak outdoor furniture indonesia

Outdoor Furniture

Teak are best wood for outdoor, And teak wood are widely grow in Indonesia. so we are capable of producing high quality outdoor furniture with best material we have

Custom design furniture indonesia

Custom Design

This is our specialty, we can work by design and or your request. also..we don’t have minimum quantity order so were ideal for small furniture store or individual projects

And We Know Exactly What We Are Doing…

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Modern Living Room Furniture From Indonesia

Modern living room furniture can be a perfect option to fulfilled your furniture store customers, this furniture style are gaining more and more popularity nowadays so it is wise to add them in your stock list. as one of indonesian furniture manufacturer, we also...
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Furniture Finishing Materials We Use On Our Products

Furniture finishing products we use are come from different vendor and also different materials. but from all of those option, we basically divide them into two major category which is solvent and water base. solvent use chemical materials both the paint or colors and...
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Wood Glue For Furniture Making In Our Factory

Wood Glue For Furniture Making Wood glue for furniture is one of main component that determine the quality of the product. perfect construction and joinery will not complete without proper bonding, that's why we pay very close attention to glue applications and base...
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Handmade Furnitures, Perfect Option For Furniture Store

Why handmade furnitures Handmade furniture methods that we do here in our production facility still using modern tool like sawing machine, planner, mortiser and other furniture machines, but all of them is still hand operated not automated machines like CNC and other...
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Mahogany Wood Furniture From Indonesian Company

Mahogany wood furniture indonesia are known after colonialism age. before that era, indonesia only use hard wood which is mainly teak wood, our ancestors built their house, furniture, boats and other merchants from teak wood. mahogany usage as furniture introduced by...
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Company Introduction

Little bit of story of what we are and what we do to make a living

Indonesian Furniture Factory Modern And Classic Design

Welcome to indonesian furniture factory homepage, we are Kedai Mebel Jati Jepara and it was an honour to us for you to be here. we are one of indonesia furniture factory producing good quality furniture specialized on handmade furnitures and indonesian handycrafts. we start our business based on our ancestors legacy of jepara wood carving and furniture maker skills. hundreds years of their furniture maker experience, gives us the benefits of producing high quality furniture with lowest price possible.

Handmade furniture that we are doing here is not actually 100% made by hand, we still using benefits of high tech machine like routers, sawing machine, wood planer and other modern mechinery, but all of those machines are still manually operated, without automatization or computerized programs. although latest wood machines modern technology can be a huge benefits in the furniture industry, but we think that handmade furniture, are still a perfect options for a small furniture store owner or small quantity project, considering flexibility on the quantity of purchase and variety of the products itself.

Legal Certified Wood

indonesian furniture factory legal certifed woodWe make our furniture using main material teak and mahogany wood, both were properly kiln dried and treated with anti woodworm solution to prevent early damage and achieve maximum durability during use. we only use government legal wood, either they were from the government plantation forest or from the peoples wood. because as a carpenter that rely our living on the wood and forest, we do not want to waste our forest natural resources no matter what. That’s the reason why we always following the strict rule of indonesian government about wood usage and forest exploitation. with well managed forest sustainability, we also maintain our valuable source to make and sustain our living.

Minimum Quantity Order

We are basically have no minimum quantity order, so if you want to purchase one piece of furniture than we will make it and send it to you. however it was not very practical and cost efficient to buy in really small quantity from indonesia since delivery cost is quiet high for retail. we always suggest our customer to buy in minimum 1 x 20 ft container. you can mix as many design as you want in that container so it might be practical for home or small projects. but for your information, more quantity we produce than more cheaper we can give price. its a matter of production efficiencies..that’s all

Custom Furniture Design

As an indonesian furniture factory which supported by local friends and  experienced carpenters in jepara, we can made almost all kind of furniture style and design. we make modern classic furniture design with almost no boundaries of shape, and materials. we combine wood and other material like metal, plastic or any other synthetics materials to fulfill our customer demands. relationships and network are the key things that make this possible.

We have a very good relationship with other Indonesia furniture manufacturers based in jepara, and other supporting industry from other city to make our furniture projects up and running. we also do custom made furniture by providing a furniture designers. both hand drafter and computerized furniture design.

Visit Indonesian Furniture Factory Warehouse

We welcome you to visit Kedai Mebel Jepara furniture production facility in jepara city central java indonesia, take a look of what we are doing here to make a living. so if you’re looking a furniture suppliers for your furniture stores, or simply for your home and other projects, than we can be a “worth consider” furniture factory in indonesia to cooperate with.

Browse our furniture collection, and give us a call if you need more detail information over them. once again…thank you for your visit to our website…we are really appreciate it. Zulham Efendi

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