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wood carving furniture indonesia

Wood Carving Furniture Indonesia

Wood carving furniture indonesia from jepara have been well known for ethnic carvings and sculptures, there were a lots of indonesian island that produce various style and pattern of wood carving, the most known in the world is balinese and jepara, every culture has their own technique and tools to use on wood carving. so because we are a native jepara citizen than we only share what we know best which is jepara carving style and technique. We like to share what tools we use, how we use them and also some carving pattern that we have known from our father and great grand father. lets start from the tools.

Chisels and Hammers

These are the main tools that we use to make a wood carving, we don’t use carving knife or anything else, we are  just chiseling the wood with hammer and that’s all. the hammer that we use is also made from wood, usually very hard wood like teak or ebony, it takes a muscle power to handle this hammer because its quiet heavy, its around 1 kg on weight. imagine pounding 1 kg all day long with only one hand…? yes that was exactly how it feels, have a look the picture below to get the idea how big it is 🙂

The chisels, we call it “tatah” here in jepara, are include maybe a dozens of shape and sizes, all of them were specifically use for their own task. but generally they were 4 major shape which is :

  • flat chisel, we call it “penyilat” , used to carve flat wooden surfaces.
  • concave chisel, we call it “koll” , it is use to make a concave shapes.
  • convex chisel, we call it “penguku” use to make concave shapes.
  • and last is “coret”, i can’t find an english words but it is use to make a “V” groove liner (see picture below ? it’s the one with wooden handle)

here is the pictures of hand carving tools from jepara

wood carving furniture indonesia tool set up

wood carving furniture indonesia tool set

Wood Carving Furniture Pictures

There are too many carving pattern to display here on this blog, perhaps we will do some video update or show them on different blogs to show individual pattern of jepara carving legacy. but here’s a little “sneak” up on what we are cappable to do on wood carvings.

wood carving furniture indonesia

wood carving furniture indonesia

wood carving furniture indonesia

wood carving furniture indonesia

Mention about the text banner on the pictures, qualiteak is one of our friend, they also made some gorgeous furniture products. here is their website

We will update this post by making a video on how to make carving furniture, of course “jeparanese” way, thank you for being here and share your thoughts and idea on the comment sections below. Regards from Indonesia Furniture Factory


  1. fabian


    hi im a hobby sculptor. i have done some works using a dremel electric tool but
    its too modern for me i like the old style i guess
    do u know where i can purchase your indonesian wood carving tools?

    gretings from mexico


  2. Efendi

    Hi fabian, thanks for stop by here friend, i believe wood carving stool that we put on post is only available in indonesia only. it’s cheap compare to dremel tool, way cheaper actually, but it takes quiet of work to set them ready for use.

    when we buy this sets of chisels, it is not sharp yet, so we sharpening it with stone and take few stone form depend on chisel shape, bad news is, we don’t have a sharpening stone ready made with this kind of shape, so, we have to made it ourselves. i guess…i can help you get one of this…or you can just make one, it’s actually made from scrap steel…! i’ll send you detail shape if you want to ?

  3. Needyanand Raya

    Hi I am looking for a reliable workshop that can execute some carvings on hard wood for me. they have to be very good as I am an artist myself. Hindu mythology is my interest. Please advise and refer. Thanking you in anticipation. Raya

    • Efendi

      Hi Raya, Thanks for visit my site and made a comment. about wood carving workshop that you’re looking for, there are few artisan in my city jepara that might be suit your needs. i can help you to connect you with them.

      but when you looking for hindu myth pattern than bali is better than jepara. there are many great wood carving there, but unfortunately none of them i know so i cant help you with that.

  4. seidu karim

    I love the beautiful furnitures am seeing her re…

    • Efendi

      Hi Karim, thank you for your kind words friend. really appreciate it…

  5. Bali wood carving

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  6. Efendi

    Hi Gamang, thank you very much for your nice words friends, your blogs are very informative too, it is definitely worth to check it out…

  7. Leo Masters

    I am interested i purchaseing hand carved pieces of furniture. can you direct me to a supplier who has photos of the products available?

    • Efendi

      Hi Leo, Thanks for your visit mate. we are a furniture suplier ourself. but since youre asking for direct suplier, another one than us. i will give you name of my friend. She is veronica rompies. she also run her own website at . please check them out. cheers…

      • Benny

        Hello do you know Ms. Jana she owns furniture factory and her husband Mfg. Tv and electronics? I used to buy from her can you please ask her to contact me.My computer crashed and I lost all contacts… lost her e-mail…

        • efendi

          Hi Benny, unfortunately i dont have any information about Ms jana. Do you have her address or copy of invoice or something that might help for tracking her ?

  8. Legha Ebrahimi

    dear sir/madam,

    we will be in Indonesian in OCT and we want to visit your factory .. can you please send me a cataloge of your luxury hand made products and also how we can arrange a visit

    please contact me via



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