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We Built With Feel

Off course we use tools and machinery, but we rely on the sense of human instead a push of a button

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Good Materials

It’s start with the good quality material, nature has provide all we need, we just have to be wise to use it
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Work With Passion

Without passion, there will be no quality product produced, it is important in every step
teak furniture indonesia

BEST result

We make best product both for our custumer, and also for ourself. We want everybody happy

Latest Product


Antique Colonial Console Table

Antique Colonial Console Table

Specifications : Code: KKK 050 Material: Solid Teak Wood Color: Antique Brown Dimension: W 150 x D 45 x H 90 Cm Volume: 0,6075 M3 Weight: 19 Kg Loading Capacity : 20″: 50 pcs 40″: 110 pcs 40″ HC: 125 pcs a classic style console table with a carving that came from the...

Betawi Teak Console Table

Betawi Teak Console Table

Specifications : Code: KKK 035 Material: Solid Teak Wood Color: Natural Light Brown Dimension: W 140 x D 40 x H 80 Cm Volume: 0,448 M3 Weight: 26 Kg Loading Capacity : 20″: 70 pcs 40″: 145 pcs 40″ HC: 165 pcs This classic design teak console table can bring an...

Avignon Teak Console Table

Avignon Teak Console Table

Specifications : Code: KKK 042 Material: Solid Teak Wood Color: Natural Antique Dimension: W 130 x D 35 x H 80 Cm Volume: 0,364 M3 Weight: 32 Kg Loading Capacity : 20″: 87 pcs 40″: 180 pcs 40″ HC: 200 pcs Bring elegance and a luxurious feel to your living room with...

Westmont Teak Console Table

Westmont Teak Console Table

Specifications : Code: KKK 039 Material: Solid Teak Wood Color: Brushed Brown Dimension: W 160 x D 50 x H 90 Cm Volume: 0,72 M3 Weight: 33 Kg Loading Capacity : 20″: 45 pcs 40″: 92 pcs 40″ HC: 104 pcs Simple and modern design teak console table, made with a thick and...

Batavia Console Table

Batavia Console Table

Specifications : Code: KKK 033 Material: Solid Teak Wood Color: Natural Light Brown Dimension: W 120 x D 50 x H 80 Cm Volume: 0,48 M3 Weight: 18 Kg Loading Capacity : 20″: 67 pcs 40″: 138 pcs 40″ HC: 155 pcs Simple design teak console table for your living room,...

Baroque Carving Console Table

Baroque Carving Console Table

Specifications : Code: KKK 047 Material: Solid Mahogany Wood Color: Silver Leaf Dimension: W 160 x D 55 x H 80 Cm Volume: 0,704 M3 Weight: 21 Kg Loading Capacity : 20″: 45 pcs 40″: 94 pcs 40″ HC: 105 pcs Antique design console table with a heavy carving from the...


Imagination is the seed of all inventions right? that’s also applied in the furniture design world, it all starts with an idea, in this case, your idea from your imaginations.


The second stage for custom design order is…well you guessed it, long and detailed discussion, without that we will get only trouble in the future, so good communication is the key for successful custom design order.


When your idea is discussed and well understood, it’s time to make a visualization based on the information discussed. We can work on CAD and also simple pencil on paper sketch.

Idea and opportunity are worthless unless we acted upon it. When all things ready, then it was our job to produce the furniture you want to have


It’s our nature to be different from the others, so why not build your unique and one of kind furniture with us? With experienced craftsman and high-quality natural resources…yes we can do that very well

Indonesia Furniture Factory

Welcome to the Indonesia furniture factory homepage. Our company name is Nara Mulya Abadi, and I am Zulham Efendi, the owner of this company. I write this introduction page by myself because I think we can get close and personal this way. First of all, thank you for visiting our website, and it is an honor for us to have you here.

We are one of the MANY furniture companies in Indonesia, as you probably already know, that Indonesia is one of the furniture producing countries in the world, and we are one of the furniture companies. We start small…yes, but never stop growing and never will. I personally have work in the furniture business since I graduated from high school, I’ve worked in the lumber sawmill, carpenter, machine operators, and finishing crew, I’ve done it all so…i know exactly what I’m talking about in the furniture manufacturing.

And speaking of furniture manufacturing and woodcarving, I am fully grateful to be born and raised in Jepara. Because in this city, woodworking is not just a “work”, it has become a culture. For hundreds of years, our ancestors have producing furniture, and that skill has been a legacy passed down from generation to generation. And that gives us the benefits of producing high-quality furniture at the lowest price possible compared to other regions Indonesia.

Full Handmade?

No, it is not, as a matter of fact, no one is ever created a piece of furniture fully by hand, they will use some kind of tools, right? we still using the benefits of modern carpentry tools, like routers, table saw, wood planer, and other modern machinery, but all of those tools are still manually operated, without automatization or computerized programs, and it’s handle by our experienced carpenters and woodcarver, who really know exactly what they’re doing.

This is what we mean by handmade, that human is being involved in the process.

Although the latest wood machines with modern technology can be a huge benefit in the furniture industry, we think that a piece of handmade furniture is still a perfect option for a small furniture store owner or small quantity furniture project, considering flexibility on the quantity of purchase and variety of products.

Fully automatic are indeed a sweet wonderful piece of engineering that can greatly increase production efficiencies, but they can cost a fortune, and only effective in a big quantity of manufacturing. That’s only my personal opinion though.

And for your information, almost 80% of the furniture factory in Jepara is still the same method as we do, because otherwise, the human skill will vanish and replaced by a robotic arm. We don’t want to do that, at least for now because the carpenter and woodcarver need a job, we have many mouths to feed.

Legal Certified Wood

Indonesia teak woodOur primary material is teak and mahogany wood because as you might already know, they are amongst the best quality wood for furniture manufacturing. And lucky for us, they are widely available here.

All our wooden materials were properly kiln dried and treated with anti woodworm solution to prevent early damage and achieve maximum durability during use.

Our Indonesia furniture factory only uses government legal wood, either they were from the government plantation forest or from the people’s wood.

Because as a furniture maker that relies on our lives from wood and forest, we do not want to waste our forest natural resources caused by illegal logging. That’s the reason why we always follow the strict rule of the Indonesian government about wood usage and forest exploitation.

Although illegal logging is not an easy task to tackle, at least we do not take part in it by only using legally certified wood. Illegal logging in Indonesia is a long and complicated problem to discuss and even to solve, but my personal opinion about what caused the problem is only poverty and greed.

Minimum Quantity Order

We basically have no minimum quantity order, so if you want to purchase only one piece of furniture than we will make it and send it to you. However, it was not very practical and cost-efficient to buy in a small quantity from overseas since the delivery cost is quite high for retail. We always suggest our customer to buy-in a minimum of 1 x 20 ft container.

You can mix as many designs as you want in one container, so it will be practical for home or small projects. And also, a container size order will be cheaper than retail order, it’s because the efficiency of production in mass production can make the final sale price cheaper.

What We Can Do

With the carpenter and woodcarver background, basically, we can do or built any furniture you can imagine made of wood. But of course, we have our limitations, for now, we cannot work on laminated wood and plastic injection molding furniture. The reason being we are lack equipment and also tough competition, you know I’m talking about giant China, right? So, here’s what we can do ↓

Antique Reproduction Furniture

This product is our Indonesia furniture factory specialty because most antiques have a woodcarving on it, and Jepara city, the place where we’re born and raised is famous for its wood carving skills. So we have the skill and experience to work on this furniture style. We can work all antique reproduction styles from the Victorian era, colonial, Italian, and other famous antique styles.

Mahogany is the primary wooden material to build antique reproduction furniture style, the reason being that genuine antique mostly used them as the building material, so our customer request to be the same as the original. Mahogany has a strong and solid grain so it’s very durable, and also, we can apply solid color paint on this wood.

Teak Indoor Furniture

We have high-quality teak wood in our backyards, and we also have a skillful worker with experience pass down from generation, so why not making some beautiful indoor furniture made of teak and show it up to the worldwide market. so our Indonesia furniture factory does that, in many styles.

Teak furniture with carving is popular for a local Indonesian market, while the rustic and contemporary style is more preferred by foreign markets. We also have a resource to manufacture recycle teak wood, it’s quite popular among buyers from overseas.

Outdoor Furniture

Indonesia is famous among the few countries in the world that produce high-quality teak wood, and we all know that teak is one of the best wood materials to build outdoor furniture. It has a gorgeous wood grain and also rot-resistant. so with available natural resources and experienced manpower, our Indonesia furniture facory can produce high-quality teak outdoor furniture for our customers.

We also make outdoor furniture with the combinations between teak wood and other material such as aluminum, stainless steel, and also synthetic rattan.

Custom Furniture Design

When you can’t find your desired furniture anywhere, custom design service is what you need. as an Indonesia furniture factory which supported by friends and experienced local carpenters in Jepara, we can make almost all kinds of furniture style and design.

We make modern classic furniture design with almost no boundaries of shape, and materials. We combine wood and other material like metal, plastic, or any other synthetics materials to fulfill our customer demands. relationships and networks are the key things that make this possible.

We have a very good relationship with other Indonesia furniture manufacturers based in Jepara, and other supporting industries from another city to make our furniture projects up and running. We also do custom made furniture by providing furniture designers, both hand drafter and computerized furniture CAD design.

Visit Our Worksop?

We welcome you to visit our furniture factory in Jepara city, Central Java, Indonesia, come and see what we are doing here to make a living or to discuss your future projects. It takes around 2 hours from the nearest airport in Semarang to our factory, we can arrange to pick you up if you need it.

So if you are looking for a furniture supplier for your furniture store, or just for your home and other projects, then we can become a “worthy consideration” of furniture manufacturers in Indonesia to work together.

Browse our furniture collection, and contact us if you need more detailed information. Once again … thank you for your visit to our website … we really appreciate it.

My Best Wishes to You…
Zulham Efendi

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