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Off course we use tools and machinery, but we rely on sense of human instead a push of a button

antique reproduction furniture indonesia

Antique Reproduction

Beautiful classic furniture style from the previous era
teak outdoor furniture indonesia

Outdoor Furniture

Strong and durable furniture that will stand extreme weather
teak furniture indonesia

Teak Furniture

Strong and beautiful wood for your indoor furniture


Do you want to built a furniture that meet to your exact needs ? With experienced craftsman and high quality natural resources…yes we can do that very well

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Indonesian Furniture Factory

Welcome to Indonesian furniture factory homepage, we are Kedai Mebel Jepara and it was an honour to us for you to be here. we are one of Indonesia furniture factory producing high-quality furniture specialized on handmade furniture and Indonesian handicrafts. we start our business based on our ancestors legacy of Jepara wood carving and furniture maker skills. hundreds of years of their furniture maker experience give us the benefits of producing high-quality furniture at the lowest price possible. Handmade furniture that we are doing here is not actually 100% made by hand, we still using benefits of high tech machine like routers, sawing machine, wood planer and other modern machinery, but all of those machines are still manually operated, without automatization or computerized programs. although latest wood machines modern technology can be a huge benefit in the furniture industry, we think that a piece of handmade furniture is still a perfect option for a small furniture store owner or small quantity furniture project considering flexibility on the quantity of purchase and variety of the products itself. Fully automatic are indeed a sweet wonderful piece of engineering which can greatly increase production efficiencies, but they can cost a fortune, and only effective in a big quantity of manufacturing. that’s only our personal opinion though.

Antique Reproduction Furniture

This product is our speciality, why? because most antique have to carve on it. and Jepara city, place where were born and raise are famous for its wood carving skills. so we have the skill and experience to work on this furniture style. we work on major antique reproduction style from the Victorian era, colonial, Italian and other famous antique styles. mahogany wood is the most commonly used material for antique reproduction.

Outdoor Furniture

Indonesia is famous among the few countries in the world that produce high-quality teak wood. and we all know how good teak wood is when used to make an outdoor piece. so with available natural resources and experienced manpower, we can produce high-quality outdoor furniture for our customer. we also make outdoor furniture from the teak wood combine with aluminium, stainless steeal and also sythetic rattan.

Teak Indoor Furniture

We have high-quality teak wood in our backyards, we also have a skillful worker with experience pass down from generation, so why not making some beautiful indoor furniture and show it up to the worldwide market. we do that, in many furniture styles. teak carving is famous for a local Indonesian market, while the rustic and contemporary style is more prefered by foreign markets.

Custom Furniture Design

When you can’t find your desired furniture anywhere, custom design service is what you need. as an Indonesian furniture factory which supported by local friends and experienced carpenters in Jepara, we can make almost all kind of furniture style and design. we make modern classic furniture design with almost no boundaries of shape, and materials. we combine wood and other material like metal, plastic or any other synthetics materials to fulfil our customer demands. relationships and network are the key things that make this possible. We have a very good relationship with other Indonesia furniture manufacturers based in Jepara, and other supporting industry from another city to make our furniture projects up and running. we also do custom made furniture by providing furniture designers. both hand drafter and computerized furniture CAD design.

Legal Certified Wood

indonesian furniture factoryWe make our furniture using main material teak and mahogany wood, both were properly kiln dried and treated with anti woodworm solution to prevent early damage and achieve maximum durability during use. our Indonesian furniture factory only uses government legal wood, either they were from the government plantation forest or from the peoples wood. because as a carpenter that rely our living on the wood and forest, we do not want to waste our forest natural resources no matter what. That’s the reason why we always following the strict rule of the Indonesian government about wood usage and forest exploitation. with well-managed forest sustainability, we also maintain our valuable source to make and sustain our living. We also use other tropical wood like mango, pine, mindi, acacia and other widely available resources in Indonesia. imported wood is doable with a long discussion, of course, remembering price and availability here. teak reclaimed wood is in our range of material nowadays so if you need one, we can make it.

Minimum Quantity Order

Our Indonesian furniture factory basically has no minimum quantity order, so if you want to purchase one piece of furniture that we will make it and send it to you. however, it was not very practical and cost efficient to buy in really small quantity from Indonesia since the delivery cost is quite high for retail. we always suggest our customer to buy in minimum 1 x 20 ft container. you can mix as many designs as you want in that container so it might be practical for home or small projects. but for your information, more quantity we produce than more cheaper we can give the price. its a matter of production efficiencies..that’s all

Visit Indonesian Furniture Factory Warehouse

We welcome you to visit Kedai Mebel Jepara furniture production facility in Jepara city central java Indonesia, come and take a look at what we are doing here to make a living. so if you’re looking furniture suppliers for your furniture stores, or simply for your home and other projects, then we can be a “worth consider” furniture factory in Indonesia to cooperate with. Browse our furniture collection, and give us a call if you need more detail information over them. once again…thank you for your visit to our website…we really appreciate it. Zulham Efendi

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