7 Best Vintage Living Room Ideas You Need To Try in 2023

As we know, the vintage concept is trending again in home interior design choices. Vintage is indeed a theme that is quite popular and is in great demand by people. Not infrequently people apply this theme to the living room in their house.

Even in this increasingly modern era, many people choose to decorate their homes with old and antique objects, creating a unique and aesthetic vintage style in their homes.

Some vintage living room ideas are synonymous with unique motifs in some of the decorations, such as carpets, sofa cushions, curtains, and even the sofa. This vintage-themed living room can make a classic impression combined with antique items, that bring back memories of the past.

If you want to design a vintage-style living room, below, Handmadefurnitures.com has prepared some vintage living room design ideas that can be used as references.

1. Wall paint in a bold color with a large painting

vintage living room ideas

A living room with a vintage and classy theme is indeed a very luxury combination. This vintage living room idea is perfect for those of you who like luxurious themes. Not only looks classy, but also has a retro side.

To  implement this vintage living room ideas like this, you can use bright or striking wall paint, such as blue, green, orange, and even red. Bold colors and unique combinations of vintage combinations give an eye-catchy finish.

Don’t forget to add chandeliers to make it look even more outstanding. Also add a large painting on the wall to enhance the appearance of the wall area. You can use patterned carpets and sofa cushions. Using a round table with some pretty decorations is also a good idea.

2. Simple but comfortable vintage living room

vintage living room ideas

This vintage living room ideas looks very simple right? You only need to use a plain sofa with some patterned soft pillows.
Also use wooden tables and cabinets. As additional information, the concept of vintage decoration cannot be separated from wood such as mahogany and teak.

Well, you can also bring these two elements into the room decor, by using wooden tables and chairs. Apart from that, earthy colors like brown are also widely used when decorating a room with a vintage theme. These two elements can indeed give the impression of luxury that is not excessive.

To make it even more eye catchy, you can also add a maroon accent color to make it look bold, on pillowcases or tablecloths.

3. Multiprint vintage decoration

vintage living room ideas

Do you like colorful vintage living room ideas? Of course you can have it! You can combine several different prints in one decoration. If you like vintage decorations and want to combine them with printed patterns, here are some tips.

Use various combinations of bright colors, such as yellow and pink in some of the decorations in your living room. In addition, rattan chairs can also add a fresh impression to the living room. Add ornamental plants in several corners to enhance the appearance of your living room.

4. Classic beige vintage decor

vintage living room ideas

The next vintage living room idea is the classic beige vintage decor. If you want to create a classic vintage decorated room, the key is using a combination of several colors.

Use a mix of earth tone colors as the main color. Inspired by homedit.com, you can choose brown, navy blue, cream, and others. For the accent color, you can choose colors like beige, gold, rose gold, or white to create a luxurious and classic look.

To enhance the classy vintage style, use classic designed chairs and tables. You can also add traditional paintings that are displayed on wall shelves. To spice things up, add a cozy fleece blanket on the sofa.

Also, to make it more down to earth and fresh, you can place ornamental plants in several corners of your living room.

5. Combining vintage and modern concepts

vintage living room ideas

You can make a vintage living room at home, that still have a modern side. For example, instead of using vintage decorations that are neutral or bold in color. You can use cool colors like blue to make it more modern. The use of blue in this vintage living room ideas, will also give a calming and cool impression in the house.

To make the vintage living room ideas feel more nostalgic, you can use wooden furniture, such as classic clocks and geometric displays.

If you like an eccentric style, choose a patterned sofa in shades of blue. So that the living room is not too crowded, avoid using patterned curtains. Only with daylight curtains will your living room still be beautiful!

6. Simple and minimalistic vintage decor

vintage living room ideas

A vintage touch can also be presented in a simple decorated room. In this vintage living room ideas, you can have simple and miimalistic vintage decor.

Don’t worry, because vintage design which is also known as retro is very suitable to be applied to small and medium sized rooms. For example, using bright colors like orange in the living room can make you feel energetic.

Minimalist and retro designed furniture gives the impression of a larger room. Besides that, you can add retro colors to paintings and sofa cushions, to make them look even more harmonious.

Its soft touch will make you feel comfortable in the living room. Also add a cupboard or cabinet with a classic or old design. Your living room must be very beautiful!

7. Victorian living room decoration

vintage living room ideas

Vintage decoration has several streams, for example is the Victorian style. This vintage living room ideas usually have dark colors such as maroon, red, burgundy, dark green, dark blue, and dark brown. These colors, yes, will give the room a luxurious and elegant impression.

Placing paintings with classic images can also add an element in creating a vintage living room. You can use wall decorations in the form of mirrors with carved edges, bright sofa chairs, and wooden cabinets.

Also add beige or off white chairs so that the room doesn’t look too full. If you want it to look even more vintage, hang a decorative lamp in the middle of the room.

The combination of these elements gives a unique impression but still attracts attention.

Yup, those are 7 vintage living room ideas that you can apply to your home. Which vintage living room ideas do you like the most? Check this 7 Must Have Furniture To Style Your Living Room

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