7 Must Have Furniture To Style Your Living Room, Makes More Comfortable

The living room is usually intended to welcome visiting guests. The living room can be a place to simply talk about information or discuss various interesting topics with distant family or friends. This is why important to complete your living room, with this must have furniture. So that interactions with each other are more comfortable and smooth

But there are people who specialize the living room only for receiving guests, and then make a separate room for family chatting. However, it is not uncommon to combine the living room and family into one.

By using complete furniture, will make your living room functional, both for guests who come or family. If you are one of those who likes the concept of a living room combined with a family room, then Handmadefurnitures.com will inform you 7 must have furniture that must be in the living room.

1. Sofa

must have furniture for living room

First must have furniture for living room is sofa. This furniture is definitely a must have in the living room. Its presence provides comfort for all family members to be able to sit and relax.

Family comfort while sitting on the couch is very important. That’s why you should choose a sofa that is soft and comfortable to sit on for a long time.¬†Avoid buying a sofa just because of its aesthetic color or design.

Besides that, if you have a small living room, you don’t need to buy a long sofa. But just provide one or two pairs of sofas with a size that is enough to be occupied by two to three people.

This seating style is also suitable if you want to use a minimalist style in the house.

2. Coffee table

must have furniture for living room

You’ve certainly seen the small table between the couch and the TV, right?

This small table is known as a coffee table. The name of this must have furniture, comes from someone’s need to put the coffee they drink for a while.

The placement of the coffee table is not only to put your coffee in the morning, it is also used to put various snacks for visiting guests. Moreover, the coffee table is also a piece of furniture that gives an aesthetic touch to the living room.

If you want to give a minimalist look, you can use a coffee table that is usually placed on the side of a chair. It doesn’t need to be large, the important thing here is that the table can be used to place drinks or snacks served to guests.

The table can also be used as a decorative ornament. Place it on one side of the room then place a collection of books or a flower vase.

3. Storage rack/shelves

must have furniture for living room

Another must have furniture for living room is storage rack or shelves. There is also a storage rack which is generally placed in the living room. This storage shelf is used as a storage area for items such as books, decoration accessories, or other necessities.

You can use shelves like this to showing trophy and achievement certificates. Apart from being a source of pride for the family, storing various certificates on shelves is one way to decorate the living room. Your living room that looks monotonous will be full of emotion and pride.

4. Lamp

must have furniture for living room

Lamp is one of the must have furniture for living room. Because it can bring a special impression, feel and atmosphere to the room. You can choose a hanging lamp or standing lamp which is usually placed in the corner of the living room.

Although its main function is as a decoration, decorative lights also have a role as an additional source of light in the living room.

Choose a soft light, not too bright but not too dim either. What is certain is that the lamp must be able to make you and your visiting guests feel comfortable.

5. TV table

must have furniture for living room

If you have a television in the living room, then a TV table is the must have furniture you need. The TV table is used as a place to keep various digital entertainment equipment for your home.

There are many types of TV table that you can choose from. There is a TV table based on the type of material, design, shape and size of the TV table. So, when choosing a TV table, pay attention to many factor, like the price, the area of the room for the TV table, and what items are placed in it.

Some models of TV tables that are easy to find on the market are wooden TV tables, built-in TV tables, particle board TV tables, TV tables plus storage shelves. A wooden TV table is one of many people’s favorites.

6. Plants

must have furniture for living room

Your living room also requires decorations that not only add value to the appearance, but also bring fresh air into the house. Another must have furniture for living room is ornamental plants.

Did you know that ornamental plants can bring freshness into the room?

Ornamental plants will make air circulation in the house healthier and cleaner from pollution. You can place ornamental plants at several points in the living room so that freshness spreads throughout.

Quoted from Pexio.co.id, in addition, ornamental plants are also considered able to reduce stress levels. The reason is because the existence of ornamental plants can make the atmosphere cooler, calmer, and also fresh.

This is what makes the mood and mind calmer after looking at ornamental plants.

7. Mirror

must have furniture for living room

Last but not least is the mirror. Mirrors are great and must have furniture to put in the living room. Every member of the family who wanted to leave could tidy up their appearance once more.

The placement of mirrors can also make your living room feel wider. Choosing mirror to put in the living room is highly recommended, especially for those of you who have a small living room.

Interestingly, according to feng shui, placing mirrors in the living room can help keep energy flowing in narrow corners. In this way, the house will be free from the flow of negative energy and bad things.

So that’s 7 must have furniture for the living room. Completing your living room with the list of must have furniture above, hopefully can make interactions with family and friends more comfortable and smooth.

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