8 How to Organize Workspace at Home and Stay Productive

A workspace at home has become a necessity for many people, as the way of work shifts in this digital era. Many types of work no longer require coming to the office, because they can be done from anywhere, including at home.

The workspace at home is an important aspect besides the work itself. Even though you are more comfortable at home, you certainly need to have the right space for work. Especially to keep you focused even though working at home.

If you have a small workspace area, don’t be discouraged. Because you can still have a comfortable workspace, improve focus, and also performance, with the right workspace arrangement at home.

Below, Homemadefurnitures.com has prepared tips on how to organize workspace at home and stay productive.

1. Choose the position of the workspace at home

how to organize workspace at home

There are several rooms in the house, such as living room, bedroom, kitchen, family room, and others. The first tip for organizing a workspace at home is to choose the location of the workspace according to your needs and the availability of space.

For example, if you often receive guests or clients, it would be better if your workspace is close to the living room. So that your mobility can be smoother than having to go back and forth to the living room.

Another example, if your work demands high concentration, you need a work space with a calm atmosphere. Choose a room away from noise and away from the traffic of other family members.

2. Provide a private area

how to organize workspace at home

Some types of work require space that concerns privacy. If you need a private area in your workspace at home, then you need to consider these privacy issues when creating a workspace design.

Do not let your work be disturbed because your privacy is not properly maintained. If possible, you can put a partition to limit the workspace that other people can visit with a truly private space.

In this private room you can store safe documents and other important things.

3. It is better to choose a room with sufficient natural light

How to organize workspace at home

For those of you who spend most of your time in your workspace at home every day, it is highly recommended to choose a room with sufficient natural lighting. Apart from sunlight being very good for health, you can also save electricity by using natural light.

Having a window with natural light can help refresh your mind when you look outside. You can see the scenery around you to maintain eye health due to staring at the computer for too long.

But, it’s undeniable that the condition of several housing complexes is indeed very congested. Sometimes it is difficult to have many rooms with windows that directly face outside views. But you can work around this by making natural lighting from the roof of the house.

4. Use multifunctional furniture

how to organize workspace at home

There are many needs for furniture to improve the appearance and function of workspaces at home, such as tables, chairs, filing cabinets, multi-purpose cabinets, and others. Unfortunately, this can be difficult to achieve if you have limited space.

But you can make a minimalist workspace at home, although you have to be wiser and patient in choosing furniture. Another solution you can do this is, to use multifunctional furniture when creating a minimalist workspace at home.

Choose furniture designs that are modern and futuristic, with many functions in one item. For example, a desk with lots of storage space. Apart from being used for writing or placing a laptop, this table also serves to store documents to work equipment.

5. Choose a high-quality work chair

how to organize workspace at home

Another tips how to organize workspace at home is choosing a hight quality work chair. This may seem unimportant, but as you know, sitting too much while working is not good for health. In general, people will spend about 7-10 hours each day working.

This is why a work chair is a very important piece of furniture if you work at home every day. Try to invest in choosing a high-quality work chair.

With a high-quality chair, you can sit more comfortably and adjust your posture. In addition, you can also prevent the risk of back pain and spinal problems.

6. Prepare work equipment and store it neatly

how to organize workspace at home

Creating a workspace at home means there are no other divisions or common areas that you can borrow equipment all the time. These equipment include pens, paper clips, sticky notes, staplers, and others. So you need to prepare it yourself completely so that it is always available when needed.

Office supplies are small items that are very easy to scatter. However, it is quite inconvenient if it is tucked or lost when you want to use it. Moreover, there is no coworker’s equipment that you can borrow. It is very important to store all office supplies neatly.

As a solution, you can have a desk with partitioned drawers. Here you can group work equipment without worrying about it being scattered, mixed up, and messy. If stored neatly, it must be easy to find when needed, right?

7. Install a mirror when setting up a workspace at home

how to organize workspace at home

Installing a large mirror on the wall when arranging your work space can also be a strategic way. According to mymove.com, mirro can be applied so that the room looks wider, even though the work space at home tends to be narrow.

This is due to the presence of a mirror reflection, which makes the work space appear to be 2 times larger than its actual area. That is why mirror installation is often chosen because it is simple but effective. And you can check your appearance before an online meeting with your boss or with a client.

8. Decorating with a personal touch

how to organize workspace at home

You can create a workspace design with a personal touch. Not only a desk, you can decorate your entire workspace according to your taste. This can increase enthusiasm for work.

For example, for those of you who are fans of gold-themed accessories, you can put some gold-colored decorative accessories on your desk.

Another case if you like sports. Then you can place a stationary bicycle or simple fitness equipment in the corner of the room to exercise for a while during breaks from work.

Decorations with a personal touch can also be realized in your favorite animated characters. For example, if you are a ‘one piece’ cartoon lover, then you can have several posters or accessories from this anime.

So, those are 8 tips for organizing a workspace at home with a minimalist design that you need to pay attention to. If needed, you can customize furniture that fits the size of your workspace while helping to realize your dream workspace.

A comfortable workspace at home greatly affects productivity and increases morale. Therefore it is very important to choose the right furniture. Not only is it pleasing to the eye, but the design of the workspace at home must still pay attention to the function of each component presented.

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