8 Mistakes When Arraging a Small Bedroom, and How To Fix It

Not everyone has a spacious bedroom. But that doesn’t mean we can’t arrange a dream bedroom. Wrong when arranging a  small bedroom can make the room look narrower.

Arrangement of furniture, color selection, to decorations that don’t match, make the room even smaller. Unfortunately, some of these mistakes are quite common, done by many people.

So, if you’re wondering why the bedroom feels so cramped and cramped, maybe there’s something wrong with the way you arrange it. But don’t worry, there are tricks that can make a narrow bedroom feel more spacious.

Below Homemadefurnitures.com has summarized 8 mistakes in arranging small bedrooms, and how to fix it.

1. Putting too much furniture into the room

mistakes when arranging a small bedroom

There are many types of furniture that we need when arraging a small bedroom. Starting from side tables, dressers, cupboards and storage drawers, to study or work tables. However, you should consider what furniture you need most in your bedroom.

Don’t feel like you have to put all of that furniture into your room. Moreover, bedroom furniture with large sizes. If you have a bedroom that is small in size, you have to think more wisely in utilizing the existing space.

For example, furniture for storing items, doesn’t have to be large cupboards. You can choose only one furniture that can contain many items. Also think about ideas for hanging furniture. Don’t use two side tables, just choose one for arranging a small bedroom.

2. Too much open storage

mistakes when arranging a small bedroom

Another mistakes when arranging a small bedroom is too much open storage.

However, when you using too much open storage, such as on the wall, actually makes the bedroom seem too smaller and ends up looking cramped. This is not only cause of making the room look cramped, but also messy.

Avoid choosing small storage furniture that you think can save a lot of things in the room. The solution is in a small bedroom, you can choose only one large storage area that can contain a lot of things.

3. Choosing the wrong size of furniture and not according to the size of the room

mistakes when arraging a arranging bedroom

Avoid arranging a small bedroom that looks forced, bedroom furniture should be chosen according to the size of the room itself. If the size of the furniture is large, but the room is smaller, it will not look good at all.

Especially if the bedroom only leaves a few empty floors. This will only make the size of the bedroom feel smaller.

Always check the size of the furniture with and plan where the furniture will be placed. Be sure to leave the floor for traffic in the bedrooms

For example, don’t choose a high bed in a small room. Using short beds even more helps to give more space when arranging a small bedroom.

4. Not considering the position of the bed

mistakes when arranging a small bedroom

The largest piece of furniture in the bedroom is the bed. Often, it indirectly becomes the main point in the room. So, pay close attention to the position of the bed when arranging a small bedroom

Therefore, before moving on to other furniture in the room, it’s a good idea to first determine the best layout for the bed frame. For a small bedroom, you can make a layout by using the bed in the corner of the bedroom. Then use curtains to create a more private area.

According to IDNTimes.com, there are several ideas from designers that you can try for arranging a small bedroom. For example, try facing the bed to the window to get the ideal view as well as lighting when you wake up.

However, if that’s not possible, you can try placing the bed under the window, using a lower bed without a headboard. It also helps air flow and natural light can enter properly.

5. Not planning lighting points properly

mistakes when arranging a small bedroom

Mistakes when arranging a small bedroom, including in terms of lighting. Especially if you have lots of tall furniture blocking walls, extensive wall decorations, or have a small footprint.

It might make you have lighting in this bedroom which tends to be dim. As a result, it is difficult to provide proper lighting in the room. Lighting mistakes in this bedroom also include neglecting to use layered lighting and ignoring the main lighting fixtures. When the bedroom is dimmer, it makes the bedroom layout look less practical.

In the bedroom, make sure you use some kind of ambient lighting, its function is to make it feel sparkling and comfortable.

6. Not planning enough storage space

mistakes when arranging a small bedroom

Seeing a lot of messy things, clothes, books in the bedroom, must be very disturbing. Therefore, you can avoid it when arranging a small bedroom properly.

Make sure you have considered the idea of ​​the storage cabinet. You can also try the idea of a built-in wardrobe that can be adjusted according to the size of the available space in the bedroom.

Choosing built-in wardrobes also makes it easier for you to adjust the layout proportions in the bedroom. Get rid of piles of items that destroy the concept of the bedroom.

Because of this completely unaesthetic stack, it can make a room feel even cramped. So, when organizing your room, make sure everything has a place to store it!

7. Block the natural light of a bedroom with large furniture

mistakes when arranging a small bedroom

Last mistakes when arranging a small bedroom is blocking the natural light with large furniture. Do you know, letting more natural light into the house will make you and your family feel happier?

Thus, it is important to avoid blocking windows with large furniture. Blocking a window with a dresser with a tall mirror, or a bed with a long headboard up, makes the room feel more claustrophobic.

However, if you really have no choice but to put large furniture in the bedroom, think about one that doesn’t block the incoming light.

For example, choose a bed without a headboard, and face it to the front of the window or to the side, so that light from the window still enters freely.

So those are the mistakes to avoid when arranging a small bedroom. With the information above, you can learn how to use the bed area wisely, and make it comfortable for you to rest in it. Check out our 7 must have furniture to style your loving room!

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