9 Tips How to Arrange Dining Room Furniture

In addition to a place to serve food, the dining room is also a place for gathering with family and friends. This is why, knowing how to arrange dining room furniture is important.

Not only the living room and family room, now the dining room is a steal of attention in a house, both for family and visiting guests.

Because not only choosing furniture, but how to arrange it must also be considered. In order to provide good results and attractive, as well as provide comfort.

To help you arrange your dining room, here, Handmadefurnitures.com has prepared 9 tips on how to arrange dining room furniture.

1. Using a minimalist style dining table

how to arrange dining room furniture

Having a dining room area that is not large enough is often an obstacle in arranging an outdoor dining area. So, you need to be careful in choosing furniture that is large, so it doesn’t make the dining room even narrower.

One of the largest furniture in the dining room is the dining table. If you have a dining room with a small area, use a minimalist dining table that is not too big.

Make sure the dining table is space-saving when not in use. Choose a quality table surface so you can also use it as a place to prepare food.

2. Use natural colors as the main color of the dining room

how to arrange dining room furniture

Another tips for arrange dining room furniture are using natural colors as the main color in the dining room.

As you know, using lots of bright colors can make a room look both full and narrow. Instead, you can choose bright and natural colors, such as white, beige, light blue, and so on.

Also make sure the dining room gets enough lighting, both from lamps and windows, to produce a bright and airy impression.

3. Mixing light and dark colors when arranging dining room furniture

how to arrange dining room furniture

If your dining room feels boring, try these tips to arrange dining room furniture. Try using dark colored dining chairs, either by painting the old dining chair or replacing it with a new chair.

These tips seem simple, but they can make an impressive visual impact. Providing a contrast of light and dark colors, on the color of the chairs with the dining table and other furniture in the dining room, will bring a fresh and contemporary atmosphere.

To make it even prettier, you can also give other furniture a matching color, such as an island table, food rack, or even a window frame in a minimalist dining room.

4. Add the right lighting

how to arrange dining room furniture

Above, we mentioned the importance of lighting in the dining room. Lighting is very influential in enhancing the appearance of the dining room with a variety of interior styles. For a luxurious dining room, you can use three types of lighting, for example general light, task light, and accent light.

General light illuminates the entire dining area evenly. Task lights are usually used for certain functions, such as illuminating the dining table specifically. Accent light is a complement that provides light reflection on certain objects such as the dining room ceiling.

Additional tips on arrange dining room furniture, make sure you use a chandelier above the dining table, so that it makes the dining room look more luxurious. You only need to determine the type of lamp and the shape of the lamp housing to match the theme of the dining room.

5. Using multitask furniture in a small dining room

how to arrange dining room furniture

When you arrange dining room furniture, it must be considered as well as possible. In addition to limited space, furniture design also needs to be considered. Now everything should look simpler and have more functions.

The most effective trick for organizing a small dining room is to use multifunctional furniture, for example you use an exandable dining table. According to Cort, you can fold this dining table when it’s not being used for many people, but you can open it when eating with many people.

By using multi-purpose furniture, you have very cleverly saved space. Why buy two pieces of furniture when you can get the benefits of both in one?

Don’t forget, if you have a baby at home, also provide a baby chair to make it easier for him to eat. The baby chair itself is usually also made multifunctional, where the chair already has a surface as a table.

6. Choose shelves to replace cabinets in the dining room

how to arrange dining room furniture

The next tip for arrange dining room furniture is choosing shelves to replace cabinet. As you know, apart from the table and chairs in your dining room, another thing that is very necessary when arrange dining room furniture is a place to store cutlery.

Not only using a large cabinet for the dining room, you can use a minimalist shelf. Choosing a cabinet must also be very careful, because a dining room cabinet that is too large can make the dining room look cramped.

An alternative is to use shelves. Floating shelves or wall shelves are the best choice to answer this problem. Besides saving space, setting the right wall shelves can also make the dining room look more attractive!

7. Using mirrors to enhance the luxury of the dining room

how to arrange dining room furniture

Mirrors are items that are known to make any room look spacious. One of these dining room accessories can also make a room look spacious, especially if placed on a large scale against the wall. The effect will be more pronounced if placed near the dining table.

Arrange dining room furniture that uses glass elements, such as the top of a dining table, can also have the same effect. Apart from giving a broad impression to the dining room area, mirrors also create an elegant and modern impression.

Meanwhile, using transparent furniture such as acrylic or glass for dining tables and chairs can make the room look brighter.

8. Add a rug

how to arrange dining room furniture

The next tip for arrange dining room furniture is using carpet. This accessory is not only comfortable when used in the family room. But you can also add a rug under the dining table.

This addition will make the appearance of the dining room fresher and more contemporary. Apart from feeling comfortable on your feet, carpet can be a complement to dining tables and chairs so that the visual impression of the dining room is getting better.

Four things to consider when choosing a carpet for the dining room are the size, shape, material, and color and pattern of the carpet.

The size of the rug should ideally be wide enough to place a dining table and chairs on it. The shape can vary, but the shape chosen usually follows the shape of the dining table.

For the material, choose one that is easy to clean. In addition, you need to match the pattern and color of the rug with the theme or style of the dining room furniture.

9. Add plant decorations in the dining area

how to arrange dining room furniture

The last thing you can do to arrange dining room furniture is to add plant elements for a fresh and natural dining room atmosphere.

There are a variety of indoor plants to choose from depending on the size of your dining room. for example succulent plants such as Echeveria, ivory betel plant (Epipremnum aureum), anthurium, rosemary, lavender, to various types of cacti.

This plant can be displayed on or near a minimalist dining room table. In addition, you can also use orchid plants for the appearance of a luxurious dining room.

So, those are some tips for arrange dining room furniture, so that it becomes more attractive and beautiful. How do you arrange dining room furniture?

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