9 Tips How to Place Furniture in Bedroom, Easy and Simple

As you know, the interior of the room should be made as comfortable as possible so that the owner can rest and carry out personal activities freely.

Furniture in bedroom can complement a look nicely, but it’s not easy. Unfortunately, some room owners find it difficult to organize their rooms, because there are many choices of furniture and decorations with different sizes and models.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t arrange furniture properly. All of this can be managed well by balancing the sizes and models.

To make it easier for you to arrange furniture in bedroom, here, Handmadefurnitures.com has prepared 9 tips on how to place furniture in bedroom, easily and simply.

1. Avoid placing too many furniture

how to place furniture in bedroom

The first way to place furniture in the bedroom is to avoid placing too many furniture in the room.

Choose furniture that is important, so it doesn’t fill the entire room. Try to organize things according to your needs, if necessary you can add a cupboard or multiple storage areas like on a bed with drawers on the frame.

Sort all items that are deemed useless, damaged, or even useless. Maybe this method is a little time consuming, but believe it or not you will find a room that is more comfortable, clean, and tidy.

2. Choose furniture for rooms that have storage

how to place furniture in bedroom

The wardrobe is not only the only furniture in bedroom that functions as a storage area. More than that, you can use several areas in the bedroom to store valuables in the room.

To make it look neat, you can use additional storage in the bedroom. This storage can be in the form of floating shelves to ottomans which can be used as storage areas.

If necessary, you can modify the room by adding a built-in cupboard that is placed parallel to the wall.

3. Measure any furniture that will be used in the room

how to place furniture in bedroom

The first thing you need to do is identify and measure large pieces of furniture first.¬†Large furniture in bedroom, such as beds, dressers, tables and chairs. Don’t forget to also include the size of the bedroom.

Then, write the measurements in a notebook or on your phone. Later you can use these calculations as a reference in arranging furniture in bedroom.

Also pay attention to the outlets available in the bedroom. This information will be needed after starting to arrange furniture in the room.

4. Prioritize bed

how to place furniture in bedroom

The bed is usually the largest piece of furniture in bedroom, meaning it will take up more space than anything else. Therefore, the bed should be the first thing to prioritize when arranging furniture in bedroom. Once you know where to put it, organizing the rest of the furniture will be much easier.

You can also use another way. Example, place the beds in a row against one of the walls across from the doorway. However, if you still have more space, place it in the middle of the most visible wall. Make sure you have enough space by the bed to easily get up and get in.

5. Utilize the headboard as an additional nightstand

how to place furniture in bedroom

The headboard or the head of the bed is usually made of iron poles or soft material with a thin size as a decoration only.

So that it can be used as furniture in the bedroom, try to widen the size of this headboard and use wood or other hard materials, like the idea from Houzz above.

The widened headboard to resemble a table can be used as a decoration, nightstand, display shelf, even a small folding table.

6. Use a sofa bed instead of a bed for small rooms

how to place furniture in bedroom

But you know that a soft bed doesn’t always have to be a spring bed. You can replace the spring bed in the interior of the room by using a quality sofa bed that is no less soft. The advantage of this sofa bed is that it is slightly smaller in size than a single spring bed.

In addition, this sofa bed can also function as a seat. Apart from the sofa bed, you can also use alternative folding beds, you know!

7. Use floating shelves so that the room decorations are neatly arranged

how to place furniture in bedroom

Is your room too full of main furniture and you don’t have an area to display your favorite things? Just use furniture in bedroom such as floating shelves or wall shelves and place it on the bed.

Its position can be on the wall next to the bed or on the wall at the head of the bed. Leave enough distance between the floating shelf and room for your body to move so you don’t touch it when you wake up.

8. For a minimalist room, consider using a folding bed frame

how to place furniture in bedroom

As you know, the bedroom is not only used for resting, but also for studying and relaxing.

If you have a small room, putting furniture in the bedroom might be a big challenge. For example, a bed can make a room feel cramped and make it difficult for you to do other activities. The solution is to use folding beds which now have various designs and sizes on the market.

If you want to use it for sleeping, you can open it. Meanwhile, when you want to study or play with friends, you can fold the bed onto the frame and then sit on the floor using a cross-legged chair or rug without feeling cramped.

9. Make sure all the furniture in the room is neat and tidy

how to place furniture in bedroom

When you arrange furniture in bedroom, avoid rushing. Be sure to take your time when shopping for and arranging bedroom furniture.

Of course it will be very tempting to fill the room as quickly as possible, but take the time to find furniture that you like and that fits the room. It’s best to move furniture in slowly and add one or two things at a time.

When you have arranged all the furniture in the room, try moving around the room. For example, try walking to bed and getting up, trying to open a dresser drawer, and even sitting on a desk chair.

Make sure you don’t bump into anything while moving around the room. If your movement is still hampered or bumped when walking in the room, maybe you need to rearrange the furniture again to have a more comfortable bedroom area.

So those are some tips on how to place furniture in bedroom, which you can try. Hopefully the tips above can help you set up a comfortable room!

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