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Antique Reproduction Furniture Indonesia

Antique reproduction furniture indonesia has been our primary business since last 10 years in our factory. we produce various antique furniture style like victorian, french, italian and many more. Most of the product we make are based on customer demands, means they have the design and or ideas, and we just produce it for them. Many of the design are “copying” original antique they get from somekind of catalog or museum, they brought the design or send it by email and we discuss it’s detail and than we produce it.

Jepara city are well known for woodworking and carving industry, as a matter of fact it’s been jepara city identity to the world, you can google it and you will see that jepara are famous for their stunning wood carving product. there’s long story back about how jepara people famous for their woodcarving skills. this is make us really confidence to produce antique reproduction furniture which most of the design are have carving on it.

Why Antique Reproduction Furniture ?

First reason are cost and second is scarcity of antiques furniture. well actually both is closely related to each others. the rare antique piece can cost a fortune to have. that is why antique reproduction is one solution to have one classic elegant room without spending too much money.

Otherwise, what not to like about antique furniture, If you are looking to create a classic, elegant feel within your home, antique reproduction furniture indonesia is a perfect choice to accomplished that. These pieces of furniture are incredibly high quality and will become a center of attention in the room.


Mahogany wood is the most common material that we use on antique furniture, this species are found on many genuine antique furniture pieces that’s why many of our customer request mahogany to use as material on their product. Mahogany are native to our country indonesia so we don’t have to buy them overseas. we know their character very well so we don’t have to learn their character anymore. Mahogany have beautiful wood grain so they can be apply natural finish, also, unlike teak which have high natural oil content, mahogany have low oil content so we can use paint finish on this wood.

Second wooden material we use on our antique reproduction furniture indonesia are teak wood. european are not into teak when it come to antique furniture. our main customer who want to use teak are from local indonesian market and south east asia like malaysia, singapore, china and some arabian country. european market use teak mainly for outdoor furniture which indeed perfect choice since teak have high natural oil content that make them really strong and durable against weather. teak are also in high demand for modern contemporer style indoor furniture.

Finishing material we use are nitrocellulose for most of the time, they have character to deep penetrate into wood pore and don’t leave thick film like melamine or polyurethane, so we will have much more natural grain exposed with wooden pore still visible which is perfect for antique looks. however we use all kind of finishing material based on customer demand. waterbase are highly popular these days. and yes we have experience on this material also.

Customized Design

antique reproduction furniture indonesia

We can do all antique furniture design start from simple design with a little touch of carving to most complicated piece of antique. We are basically a carpenter and wood carver, so you can throw almost all antique furniture design and we can make them for you. there is no minimum quantity order in our factory, you can buy anly one pieces and we will work and send to you, however small quantity order are more expensive than mass production order. its just a matter of production efficiency that make price difference. also, small quantity order are more expensive in delivery cost. so we always suggest to our customer to buy at least 20 ft container size, it was cheaper that way, well of course if you dont need that much piece than we must send in retail.

We can do both duplicate an original design exactly as it is or we can modified those design to become new one. we have young “aggressive” furniture designer that can make your command become real products. they work with both manual pencil on paper design and also with latest digital drawing design computer programs, so there’s almost no design that we cannot working on. all you have to do is send us design or picture reference and we start from there…

Buy Antique Reproduction Furniture Indonesia

Why buy from us…? We have the skill and experience to produce antique furniture piece, we have industry support here in jepara city. we have high quality natural resources from indonesian forest. we have low minimum quantity order and we do custom made design. so why not to buy antique reproducton furniture indonesia from us ?

Feel free to contact us to have more detail information on our furniture products, you can contact us directly by email or phone or if you like so, simply leave your thoughts and idea on the comment section below and ask whatever you want to know more about antique reproduction furniture indonesia.

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