Antique White Paint Furniture From Indonesia

Antique white paint furniture is one of our customer’s favorite products, they become regular products on every order they made. There is a huge selling point from antique white paint furniture, but it was our customer’s business to explain what is their selling point of them.

We are here as an Indonesian furniture factory just trying to explain how they made and take a closer look at the technical detail. Painted furniture is not as easy to make as to look at it, there are several points that need to pay more attention to get the perfect result. let us start from :

Wooden Materials

We use mahogany wood as the main material to build our white-painted furniture, but occasionally we use other woods depending on our customer demand. One wood species that we never use to make white painted furniture is teak wood, they have very high natural oil content that basically protects itself from weather, but unfortunately, those oil content is damaging paint pigment, as the result are yellowish and stained paint colors on finished products.

Every wooden species had its own natural oil content, even mahogany, and other wood. So…to prevent those oils from damaging our paint finish, we always make sure to dry them before using them as furniture components. Oil content will eventually evaporate during heating in kiln chambers. We have to make sure our wooden planks are properly dried, or we will risk having those problems with yellowish color in the future.

Paint Materials

Antique White Paint Furniture

There is a few paint material that we can use on our furniture products, here in our city, Jepara, there are four major finishing materials available in the stores. Although the final result is almost identical, they come with different characteristics and prices, also different qualities and durability. Paint materials that are most widely used in our city are :

  • Polyurethane = very expensive, best quality
  • Nitrocellulose = expensive, high quality
  • Melamine = less expensive, less quality
  • Water base = less expensive, environmentally friendly

Different paint materials also required different handling applications. We talk about these specific topics in our next blogs, here is the link that explains the furniture finishing material we use in our factory.

Paint Applications

Antique furniture reproduction is an imitation of original antique furniture, they always have a defect on the surface of the products, so we imitate those defects with special techniques of sanding and scraping. We call this process “distressing”, even distressed furniture has its own category but we just call it that way. It needs highly trained workers to do this job, they have to do it right or we will have a “messy” scratch and dents on the paint job.

Artistic sense is what we need to make antique white painted furniture

White painting furniture, like every other furniture finish, required clean, dry, and dust-free chambers to apply. Dusty air will leave the rough surface, high humidity air will leave “foggy” reflections and peeling. We must pay extra attention to the drying process to get perfect results.

Combination With Other Colors?

Absolutely…white is a natural color that is very easy to combine with another color. most of our customers like to combine them with gold and silver leaf. Usually, the carving details add more “accents” to antique furniture feels.

Besides using spray to apply white paint, we sometimes use brushes which creates a unique result, check out the picture below.brushed painted furniture img:

Buy Antique White Paint Furniture

If you want to buy antique white paint furniture from Indonesia, please give us a call. We work painted furniture for years so we do have the experience, we also accept custom design order furniture to match your specific need. Please contact us for more detail about this.

Thank you and have a nice day!

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