Our 2024 Furniture Price List

We put a link to our furniture price in Indonesia for the year 2024 in the form of a PDF file, You can download it to your computer or mobile device with NO requirement. If you have trouble downloading them, please leave a reply below or simply give us a call or email. This price list covers all the furniture styles that we made, which include:

  1. Antique reproduction furniture
  2. Outdoor furniture
  3. Teak furniture

We suggest using a desktop device to get maximum visibility and detailed information. The price is in USD, and it is an ex-factory price, which means it does NOT include shipping.

And also, please note that this file is a RETAIL PRICE, so if you want to have a wholesale furniture price, which is lower than the retail price, of course, please use the contact form below or simply leave a reply here.

You will find 3 different prices in the file, grade C is for standard quality furniture, grade B is for high-quality price and grade A is for the best quality furniture that we made. You can read detailed information about grade differences here.

Furniture Grade Explained

Furniture price in Indonesia, specifically in our company, is divided into 3 different quality grades. The difference between each grade mostly comes from wood quality, finishing material, and hardware used on the furniture piece. We do this grading to provide options to our customers in which furniture grade is suited to the best of what they need and their available budget.

Please keep in mind that the standard quality furniture piece, or we call it to grade C,  is not rubbish. They are still made from good wood with the same handling as other grades. Just for example…you can’t say that a Mercedes Benz car is a pile of rubbish compared to a Ferrari right? it’s a matter of options of what we are capable to do, that’s all…

So here are our explanations about furniture price in Indonesia and their different grades of them :

Grade A

Grade A specs are suitable for high-end custom made furniture projects, they use the best material available so it will last a long time. Price is the only thing to consider to have grade A, but we do pay more for quality right?

  • Wood Material
grade A furniture price in indonesia

For grade A furniture, we use big diameter “government forest” wood (we call it PERHUTANI wood), and only take the heart part of the wood without the sapwood. This means we have to remove quite big portions of the wood which directly affected the production cost.

We use a big diameter log for grade A because a big tree means they are old and have a very stable wood grain, minimum cracks, bending, and are also more durable against the insect. But unfortunately, the price for big logs is more expensive compared to small logs, which means that we have to pay more for high-quality lumber.

Government forest is a wood plantation forest run and managed by the Indonesian forestry bureau called PERUM PERHUTANI, so they are basically government property. The wood has great quality because they were properly maintained from the first time they were planted.

While “people’s wood” is owned and managed by the regular citizen on their own land, with no intensive maintenance or anything so the quality really depends only on nature.

  • Hardware

We use high-quality hardware available in Indonesian markets. Either it’s made from stainless steel, brass, aluminum, and other materials. The packaging said it was made in Germany, but no one knows where it’s made actually. The important thing is we have checked and proven that it has very good quality.

For brass hardware, we use cast brass made locally in Juwana city. This city is a cast brass handicraft center in Indonesia, so they know exactly how to make high-quality brass hardware. It also comes in various qualities and prices, for grade A, we use only the best one.

  • Finishing material

We use polyurethane and Nitrocellulose finishing material or equivalent for grade-A furniture. This material is really good and very durable. They leave very little to no odor after production, but it’s a little bit pricy which directly affects our furniture price in Indonesia.

Grade B

Grade B is suitable for a furniture store that wants a high-quality product at a reasonable price. as a matter of fact, almost all of our customer choose grade B for their project. it’s a wise choice in our personal opinion.

  • Wood Material
Grade B furniture price in indonesia

We use big-diameter “people wood” and only take the heart part of the wood without the sapwood. This means we also have to remove pretty big portions of the wood and it is affected production costs just like grade-A furniture.

The price difference between “government forest” wood and “people forest” wood is quite big, that’s why you will find that the final price difference will be pretty big too.

  • Hardware

We use medium-quality hardware, the packaging said it was made in China, but we have tested and proved it to be of good quality. The price is slightly under grade-A hardware, but the overall look and feel are almost the same.

For brass hardware, we also use locally-made hardware. For grade B, we use the medium-quality hardware offered.

  • Finishing Material

Mostly we use nitrocellulose finishing material in grade B, they are really good and very durable also. they leave very little to no odor after production.

You will get a great quality furniture product made from good quality lumber without the “exclusivity” of grade A lumber. And trust me, you will find really hard to tell the difference between grade A and grade B furniture. Unless you have lots of experience and knowledge about wood.

Grade C

Benefits from buying grade C is a low cost, we pretty sure that overall looks are fairly same with grade B, but details and durability are slightly under grade B, and even more if it’s compared to grade A.

  • Wood Material
Grade C furniture price in indonesia

We use smaller-diameter wood and use all planks surfaces including sapwood. This means we don’t waste too much wood and of course, lower production costs.

Small-diameter logs have less strength and tend to bend and crack if we are not careful when manufacturing them. The key to successfully using these small logs and still maintaining their quality is moisture level.

We MUST kiln-dry them to the max, this way the risk of damage can be reduced.

Also, the downside of using grade C wood is you have a white layer of sapwood visible, take a look at the picture of the wardrobe door above, that “whitish” layer may not become a big deal for some people, but for one who knows ins and out about wood, they will find it quite irritating.

We only can minimize this issue by finishing it with dark color finishes.

  • Hardware

We use standard quality hardware available in the stores, they are pretty cheap compared to grades A and B but it was proven to be OK in our experience. Hardware price is significantly affecting furniture price in Indonesia.

  • Finishing Material

We use cheaper finishing materials like melamine for grade C furniture. They were cheap compared to polyurethane and melamine, it’s also easy to apply. The downside is it has very harsh odors, even after weeks from production. Yes, it will disappear but it takes time. Some of our customers really hate this smell, they call it “Deadly” finishes.

Other Factors That Determine Furniture Price in Indonesia

In addition to furniture-making materials, there are other factors that play a role in determining furniture price in Indonesia. The first factor is how complicated the design is, and the second is how many pieces of furniture you want to buy.

Complicated designs require more skills and time to produce, and when we talk about manufacturing, time is equivalent to money. And skilled workers also pay more than ordinary workers. That’s why the more complicated the design, the more expensive the price.

The second factor is the order quantity. A one-pieces order would cost more than let’s say 100 pcs order. The reason is production efficiencies. For example, if we make one chair, the production step is still the same as if we make 100 chairs. Mass production will always be cheaper than retail.

But it doesn’t mean that we don’t work on retail orders, we just give you an idea of what you will pay if you want to buy retail furniture from us. And one more thing, shipping cost is also cheaper for big quantity orders compared to a single item shipment.

How To Buy Furniture From Indonesia

After you know the furniture price in Indonesia, this is the step-by-step procedure to buy our products. These steps are applied both for retail and wholesale orders.

  1. Choose your product from the list
  2. After we received your down payment, we will start the production
  3. Contact us with your purchase detail, product code, and also quantity
  4. We will send your proforma invoice with shipping cost information
  5. Production report is sent every week or by your request
  6. When your product is ready, we will then send it
  7. Final payment paid after the bill of lading document published

Our furniture price in Indonesia includes a 1-year warranty. So if something’s broken during the warranty period, we will change it within the next shipment. If it’s not possible then we can discuss a discount or refund.

Please leave a reply or contact us if you have questions about our furniture price in Indonesia or other general inquiries. Thank you and have a great one!

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    • Hi Amanda, Thanks for your reply. Price for modern canopy bed king size ( 180 x 200 cm ) in grade A are 595,91 USD, For grade B are 518,18 USD and for grade C are 431,82 USD. this price are an FOB semarang port, Contact us for shipping detail.

      By the way, you might have to zoom in a little bit with the pricelist ;)
      Thanks Amanda

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