Grade A Teak Outdoor Furniture

Grade A teak outdoor furniture is the one that you want to buy if you want to have good looking and high durability garden furniture. But why? what is actually a grade A in outdoor furniture? we know that a grade A is referred to as a top-notch quality in a product, but what is actually what you get when buying grade A furniture, especially for outdoor or home gardens?

What is a Grade in Furniture?

Before we talk about grade A, let me explain our opinion about a grade. in the Indonesian furniture industry, especially our city Jepara, every company has its own different perception about a grade. one company might call their products is a high-quality top-notch high-end grade A furniture, but others might call the exact same product as only grade B or even C. So allow us to explain the grading thing’s in our company point of view only, so you know what to expect when buying teak outdoor furniture from us.

Basically, our company quality grading is based on 3 major points, which are wooden material, hardware or accessories, and finishing material used on the furniture. actually, there are many things that affect the quality of a product. but those 3 are the main point in our opinion. different use of those 3 points can significantly change the overall furniture price as well. so, please have our explanation about grade A teak outdoor furniture in our factory:

Grade A Teak Outdoor Furniture

Wood, We use large diameter government plantation teak logs to make a grade A, big diameter logs have very stable woodgrain so there is a minimum risk of bending, twisting, and cracks. we remove the sapwood to make a grade A product, that way we will have good looking uniform looks on the final products. but in able to do that, we have to remove quite a big portion of the plank which means it’s less cost-effective or let say…expensive.

Plantation wood means it’s properly maintained and managed by the Indonesian forestry bureau (PERHUTANI), which in this case, results in very nice looking teak wood grain compared to the wild forest. but the price is significantly higher.

Hardware is a crucial component in outdoor furniture, that’s why we don’t have different hardware for grade A, B, or C, they all the same because they need to be all high-quality hardware.

Unlike our Indoor furniture that uses “factory-made” hardware which comes in various quality, most of the outdoor furniture is using cast brass hardware which mostly comes in 3 options only, low, medium, and high quality. and of course, as you guess it we use the high-quality one for all our outdoor product, why? low quality is only a headache in the long term because they are more brittle or easy to break. and also, the price difference is not quite big so only high-quality hardware is taken.

The same issue with finishing for outdoor furniture, most of our furniture for the garden is fine sanded only, which means we do not use any furnishing material like indoor furniture. you will get the same smooth sanded finish if you buy grade C or grade A teak outdoor furniture. but if you insist to have some protective layer of finish for your furniture, we suggest using teak oils or beeswax for grade A furniture because this material enriches the color, not “covering” the natural beauty of grade A teak wood like a wood stain or paint for example.

Why Buy Grade A?

Why not? it’s gorgeous and lasts almost forever even in a harsh outdoor climate. even though they are much more expensive compared to grade C and B, but you got what you pay for.

Well…that’s what the sales person told you.

Even tho they’re right, but as a furniture manufacturer, we mostly suggest buying grade B to our customers. you will get almost the same looks and performance for a lot less price compared to grade A. or if you’re on a budget, why not try to buy grade C with stain or water-based finish. it’s good enough for most people’s “eye” with almost half price than grade A, it also durable enough because it’s a teak wood anyway. but hey…the choice is yours only.

So if you need more in-depth information about grade A teak outdoor furniture, please leave a comment or write us a message on the contact page. Be kind to one another and have a great day!

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