How To Clean Painted Furniture

How To Clean Painted Furniture – Just like any other products in our house, painted furniture also needs some maintenance and cleaning. We can’t just leave them and hope that they can take care of themselves.

Painted furniture needs some extra effort to maintain compared to natural finish furniture, also some finishing top coating is a little bit different than the other, for example, a high gloss finish is easier to clean compared to a matte finish.

In this post about how to clean painted furniture, we divide it into 3 categories, which are daily maintenance, weekly or monthly, and how to recover from heavy stains.

Daily Maintenance

There’s not much to do on daily furniture maintenance, just a feather duster or soft clothes wipe is enough. For frequently used items such dining table, which is prone to water and oil, we have to give a little bit more attention compared to other furniture items.

When the table gets wet, wipe it immediately with soft clothes, microfiber cloths are preferable compared to nylon clothes. If you get yourself good quality furniture, you don’t have to worry about a permanent stain if you wipe it immediately, good quality furniture usually also has good quality coatings, which should be waterproof, or at least water repellent.

You don’t have to “baby” them too much if you get yourself good quality furniture.

If you have a “chalk painted” furniture or a doff matte finish one, don’t wipe the stain which will spread the stain, just give a folded paper towel to absorb all liquids dry (blot it), so then you can wipe it clean. This prevents the stain or liquid to spread and penetrate the chalk finish even further.

Weekly maintenance

To do weekly maintenance on our furniture, we need to give attention to corners and small crevices on the furniture, especially on the carving furniture, they leave dust and dirt from regular daily cleaning. A vacuum cleaner and a soft brush are perfect tools to do the task.

You can do this work on a weekly or monthly basis, depending on your home situation. If you have an air conditioner in the house, and you don’t have to worry too much about the dust, you can do it monthly. Do it on the weekend with your family, it’s a fun together task we say.

After a good cleaning, you might want to wipe your furniture with a dampened soft microfiber cloth, leave it to dry, and apply furniture polish or conditioner to bring back the shine of your furniture (this step is optional)

Heavy Stain

How to clean painted furniture from heavy stains, for example, wine, or oily food needs a bit more work compared to regular maintenance. Here is step by step to deal with a heavy stain on our furniture.

  1. Liquid detergent with warm water in a clean bucket. Approximately 1 gallon of water is how to clean painted furnitureenough to dilute the detergent adequately. that’s will doing enough for our furniture.
  2. Dampen a sponge in the soapy mixture. Next, scrub the dirtiest areas of the painted furniture. Rinse out the sponge in soapy water and wipe down the rest of the furniture.
  3. Dump out the soapy water and fill the bucket with clean water. Rinse the sponge in this water and wipe down the furniture again, this time to remove soap or detergent residue. Rub the furniture with a clean dry towel. Make sure you dry off the entire piece, including all crevices.

Tips And Cautions

To clean hard-to-reach crevices, try taping a small piece of sponge to the end of a pencil. Dampen this in a bit of sudsy water and push it into the crevice. Make sure you rinse and dry it. You can dry this area by attaching a cotton ball or piece of cloth to the pencil. For dirty areas, try putting a small amount (dime-sized) of liquid detergent directly on the area before scrubbing with a sponge.

Use only mild cleaners and never use abrasives on painted furniture. In addition, use only detergents, rather than soap, on glossy paint. Soap may dull a glossy finish. Do not rub too hard. If you are not sure if the paint will be damaged during cleaning, test a small, hidden area 1st, such as the bottom of a chair leg. Don’t let the piece of painted furniture air dry. Always dry it with a towel, or it may develop water spots.

How To Clean Painted Furniture

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