Mahogany Wood Furniture From Indonesia

Mahogany Wood Furniture Indonesia is a perfect choice if you’re looking for high-end classic furniture at a reasonable price. It’s strong and has gorgeous wood grains which can be polished to almost mirror-like, But there’s an important note that you need to know before buying mahogany furniture from Indonesia. Let’s dive Lil bit deeper to talk about this redwood.

Mahogany furniture in Indonesia is known after the colonial age. before that era, Indonesia only used hardwood which is mainly teak wood, we built houses, furniture, boats, and other merchants from teak wood. Mahogany itself is used only as firewood.

No doubt that colonialism is bringing a whole new chapter for Indonesian, culture, food, language, and other social behavior. Including home furnishing. The colonist, who mostly are European, brought their culture ad also furniture style down here. And that’s the beginning of mahogany wood furniture in Indonesia.

Enough of history, let’s talk about the wood…

Indonesian Mahogany Wood Characteristics

Mahogany has a long straight and even grain, it has reddish to almost pinky colors which darken eventually in the drying process. When it’s fully dried, mahogany can be polished to a very smooth surface almost like glass. This wood is also suitable for painted furniture due to its low oil content.

Mahogany is quite strong, it’s one of the Indonesian hardwoods that is used in building constructions such as doors and windows. But these characteristics only applied to big-diameter trees, the young and small ones? are not that strong. The small-diameter mahogany wood is soft and can be easily damaged by insects. it has a pale red almost white compared to the bigger mahogany planks color.

Mahogany wood can easily grow on Indonesian soil, either in government-managed forests or in the citizen’s backyards with no problem. Mahogany is also a great carbon absorber, that’s why we Indonesians use them as road shade trees along the main high road.

Why Use Mahogany For Furniture?

Well…they are stunningly beautiful, those straight and even grains are simply irresistible. That was one main reason for using mahogany wood as furniture. The plank also had very little to no knots which added more value to the final products.

Because of fertile Indonesian soil, mahogany wood can grow to a very big diameter. this can result in a very good look wide surface furniture such as dining tables or cabinets.

This wood is also quite strong, in fact with proper treatment, mahogany can last almost forever. Yes…it is not as strong as teak or red oak, but it definitely does a very good performance for home applications.

Another reason for using mahogany wood furniture is because their natural oil content is low, so we can easily paint them with solid colors. We cannot do this with teak due to its high natural oil content. Mahogany is the perfect material if we want to have a piece of finely polished furniture, it leaves almost no mark of wood pore when it’s done correctly.

It has excellent workability, both for the carpenters and the woodcarver. They can be machined easily without leaving too much chipping and blade marks and can be carved to a very fine detail without chipping. This is the main reason why we use it for antique reproduction furniture material.

Mahogany wood furniture in Indonesia is relatively cheap compared to Indonesian teak furniture.

The Downsides

Mahogany wood furniture in Indonesia isn’t suitable to use outdoors, they don’t resist wet and humid climates that well. This might be different than other information you get from the net. They said that mahogany can be used outdoors and even as boat construction materials, but not Indonesian mahogany.

dry mahogany wood

Mahogany wood can have a blue-stain mark and is moldy if not properly kiln-dried, we always use dry timber to manufacture our furniture. Trouble and headache in the future is one thing we must avoid.

Indonesian mahogany wood is also prone to have insects, this is a tricky case to solve since you cannot see the insect on the first look. Only after a few months of use, then you will start to find some kind of dust on your furniture surface. That’s when the insect eggs hatch and start eating your furniture from the inside out.

The only solution YOU have for this problem is a manufacturer warranty, as for us the Indonesian furniture manufacturer, the solution for this insect problem is by applying anti anti-woodworm solution right from the beginning of the furniture production process. No exceptions, all of the mahogany planks must through these solution steps.

Note Before Buy Mahogany Wood Furniture Indonesia

Before you decide to buy mahogany wood furniture in Indonesia, please consider coming and visiting your supplier. It has nothing to do with mahogany, but this is important because by visiting your supplier, you will know exactly who you’re dealing with. The Internet is a free place, everybody can have stunning websites and awesome online reputations, but it’s not necessarily true in the real world. That’s why please come…

If you can’t come to Indonesia, then ask them for a warranty. Most of the bonafide furniture companies will have no problem giving you a one or two years warranty. But this is not the case if you’re dealing with one shot one kill kind of factories.

Make sure that your mahogany furniture is well manufactured properly kiln-dried and already treated with anti-woodworm solutions. This is a critical thing!

And that’s about it, all things you must be aware of before buying mahogany furniture from Indonesia. With its gorgeous looks and reasonable price, it’s a choice to buy mahogany wood furniture in Indonesia.

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