Modern Living Room FurnitureModern living room furniture can be a perfect option to fulfilled your furniture store customers, this furniture style are gaining more and more popularity nowadays so it is wise to add them in your stock list. as one of indonesian furniture manufacturer, we also provide our customers with wide range option of modern living room furniture products.

Wooden Material

We use teak wood as main material of producing modern living room furniture, teak wood are well known for its strength and beautiful grain that will improve overall performance of the products. we also use mahogany wood for alternative materials. specially when our customers want their furniture to be painted. we can’t use teak wood on painted furniture. it is just too much problem with their high content of natural oils that will damaging paint colors. other tropical hardwood are also available to use as furniture material, mango, durians, pine and many other tropical wood.

Customized Your Furniture

All our furniture products are customizable in shape, size and colors. so if you can’t find products that you’re looking for in our site than simply give us a call or wrote us an email, we will provide you complete information over our products.


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