mortise tenon joints using hand tools

Mortise tenon joints using hand tools

Mortise tenon joints using hand tools are the easiest and cheapest way to accomplished one if not the srongest joinery in furniture constructions. They are used for centuries by carpenters all around the globe so it is tested and proven. in the early age the carpenters are only using basic hand tools to make mortise tenon joins, they use chisels, hammer and hand saw, thats about it, it is slow and steady process to make a furniture. in the other hand, the modern world need much faster methods to make mortise tenon joins. we use automated machines that can speedup the time much much better than using hand tools, however…those machines are cost a lot of money. and they consume really big electricity and also regular maintenance. this problem make us as an indonesian furniture factory had to think and figure out how to make good quality joinery with lowest cost as possible. we use hand tools, but power one. lets dive in to how to make mortise tenon joints using hand tools.

How to make tenon with hand tools

Tenon is the male, mortise is the female. to make tenon joint we only need a saw and some rulers and markers. hand saw are slow so we use table saw. make a mark, set the side bar and cut it in both sides. do this process to cut loose the exces wood until you only have one in the middle. you might have to clean the excess wooden cut with sharp chisels but this is optional. usually table saw make a good clean cut without need further works.

How to make mortise with hand tools

To make a mortise we need chisel and hammers. but it will take a lot of time to make them. now we use hand router to speed up  the process. but we had to remember not to cut them deep, take few shallow cut untill we reach desirable mortise depth.

Another way to make mortise are using hand drill, you have to draw the line first to do this. drill inline inside the mark you have made and then we have to chisel them down the excess wood. its not as fast as the modern machine but it is quiet efective for home industri or small scale furniture makers.

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