10 Multitasking Furniture For Minimalist Home or Apartment

When you live in a small house or apartment, it can be difficult to place large furniture, so you have to find ways to maximize space properly. One of the best ways to maximize space is to use multitasking furniture.

These items not only make a tight space look nicer, but also serve two or more functions, so you don’t have to overwhelm the room with lots of furniture.

Although there are hundreds of multifunctional furniture options, here, Handmadefurnitures.com has prepared a list of 10 essential multitasking furniture that every homeowner with a minimalist size should consider.

1. Console table

multitasking furniture for minimalist home or apartment

Not a few houses with a minimalist size, have a small kitchen size and lack of space. If you don’t cook much, then a small space is not a problem. But most people need more area to prepare food or even serve food when entertaining.

Unfortunately, a permanent island can take up too much space in a small kitchen. You should be able to use multitasking furniture such as a console table that doubles as an island table.

This is indeed smaller than a regular island table, but this can make it easier to reach the items used. Apart from that, the console table is also a large flat surface for food preparation and serving.

You can place the table against the wall or behind the sofa, so it can be used as a console table when not in use

2. Ottomans

multitasking furniture for minimalist home or apartment

The ottoman is a great multitasking furniture for adding a little extra seating in a small living or family room.

These benches usually don’t take up much space and may even be easily moved from room to room as needed. For example, like when you need a few extra chairs at the dining table.

Instead of buying a bench with an open bottom, try to buy an ottoman that provides storage space inside the chair. You can store various home supplies ranging from children’s toys, pillows, bedroom sheets, or decorations in it.

Some ottomans even have a top that can be reversed, and double as a small tray or table where you can place snacks or enjoy drinks with friends.

3. Sofabed

multitasking furniture for minimalist home or apartment

Undoubtedly, when most people think of multitasking furniture, sofa beds are the first thing that comes to mind. Whether you have a small or large living or family room, every home should have this one multitasking furniture.

First, every living room needs a sofa. Second, every house needs an extra bed if there are guests or someone is sick and can’t sleep in their own bed.

If you don’t have a guest bedroom or not enough family/relatives to rest, then your sofa bed helps them to rest comfortably.

4. Recliner sofa

multitasking furniture for minimalist home or apartment

Another multitasking furniture is recliner sofa. If you feel that a sofa bed doesn’t fit the concept of space at home, or you don’t have room for a sofa bed, don’t worry. You can choose to use a recliner chair in the living room or family room.

This chair has a back that you can tilt back. So apart from being used as a seating area, this sofa gives you a great place to relax after a long day.

You can even use it as a place for recovery if you are recovering from an illness or injury, and are unable to lie in bed or get into bed.

Of course, this recliner also provides a place for one person to sleep if you have guests staying over but don’t have a spare room.

5. Bookshelf/Room Divider

multitasking furniture for minimalist home or apartment

If you live in a studio apartment or small house that has an open concept floor plan, you may want some sort of separation between the spaces.

As you know, some obstructions can take up too much space or fill up a room. So that the multitasking furniture that you can use is a bookshelf. According to Cort, this furniture can be a great room divider.

If you want to keep things light and airy, look for shelves that are open on both sides. But if you prefer privacy, choose one with a solid back cover. However, this bookshelf can act as a barrier and provide additional storage space at the same time.

6. Stool

multitasking furniture for minimalist home or apartment

Anyone who loves inviting guests knows they can never have enough seats. But if you live in a minimalist-sized house or apartment, stocking up on that extra chair might be difficult or impossible.

Instead, you can have a stool that has a hard, flat surface on top. They can work as multitasking furniture as a side table when no one is visiting, and you can set them up as extra seating when you have visitors.

7. Coffee table

multitasking furniture for minimalist home or apartment

If you often work from home but don’t have a dedicated office or workspace, there is multitasking furniture that you can use as a work desk as well as a coffee table in the living/family room.

The coffee table certainly looks like any other typical living room table, but when you are ready to work, you can use it to write or put your laptop on, as well as maintain good posture.

After work, you can use it to enjoy your meal while relaxing and watching TV.

8. Folding dining table

multitasking furniture for minimalist home or apartment

Many minimalist-sized houses and apartments don’t have a dining area, and their kitchen may not have room for a large table. This is why many people with smaller dining areas are turning to folding dining tables that double as dining tables or even work tables.

This multitasking furniture works like a rollaway bed, as it folds up against the wall when not in use. But when you’re ready to eat dinner or work on a company report, you can pull it out and seat three to five people.

9. Platform storage bed

multitasking furniture for minimalist home or apartment

If you now look under the bed and only find trash or dust nesting in it, then you know that you are wasting an empty space that could have been put to the best use possible.

Consider ditching your traditional bed frame and buying a platform bed that provides additional storage instead.
This bed usually has storage drawers underneath and can be used to store clothes and other items that are rarely used on a daily basis.

This is the perfect multitasking furniture for bedrooms that don’t have cupboards or where you don’t have enough space for larger storage areas.

10. Cabinet with mirror

multitasking furniture for minimalist home or apartment

It is undeniable that every home should have a full-length mirror, so you can ensure that you look good from head to toe.

Since most large mirrors are flat, they don’t take up much space, they can easily become part of your décor. Additionally, in more minimalist spaces, a mirror can be placed across from a window so it can have the effect of the room looking and feeling much larger, according to Mymove.

When you shop for mirrors, be sure to look for designs that have a bit of storage space inside. They are usually only a few inches wider than traditional mirrors.

You can use it to store things like toiletries, jewelry, underwear, makeup, medicines, and anything else you want to store in your bedroom or bathroom.

So that’s 10 lists of multitasking furniture that can improve the appearance of your home for the better, while also providing several additional functions without filling up the area.

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