buy teak furniture from indonesia
If you have a plan to buy teak furniture from indonesia, you must wondering which is the best place to buy furniture in Indonesia. and that was perfectly reasonable since Indonesia is one of the biggest archipelago country on earth. you have to confused. but actually, its not that difficult to find “stuff” in our country, because most of them are devided by each category of industry. for example, if you want to find wooden statue or traditional handicrafts, then you must go to bali or jogjakarta city. other area might also have the product but it must be not so many compared to those city.

Same thing when it come to teak furniture, there is only few city in indonesia who has strong roots of woodworking industry. jepara is most famous one, semarang, bali, solo, surabaya also well known for it’s furniture industry. so if you want to buy teak furniture from indonesia, go to those city or browse the web and find company stay in that address.


jepara furniture industry

You can almost get anything furniture from this city, they have deep and strong root of wood working and wood carving skill pass down from generations to generations. from father to son. most famous furniture style from this city are actually its carving furniture, the only city in indonesia who can compare to it’s carving skill are Bali. but other than that, jepara is also famous for it’s teak furniture manufacturing industry.

Furniture manufacturing in jepara are become culture, it’s in their blood. people in jepara are literally breathes furniture. you can find giant factories and small home workshop all over the place. because theres many supllier in jepara, you can buy teak furniture in small quantities.


furniture industry in semarang

Semarang city is easier to find and go to because it’s the capital city of central java. you will find big furniture factories here. they have modern machinery and large production capacity. this is benefit for you who want to buy furniture in mass quantities, but for you who want custom made furniture, jepara and other city is a better option.

Solo and Jogjakarta

Almost the same as Semarang, you can find big furniture factories in solo and jogja for you to buy teak outdoor furniture in bulk quantities. but you can find small furniture supplier in solo, but not as many as jepara.

Solo is also have pottery industry while jogja is also famous for its handicraft, so you might want to check those items if you plan to buy from jogja, handicraft are small, you can fill spaces between product in the container with them. save shipping cost…


balinese carving

Bali is benefits from tourisme industry that make them of main destination for expat to buy teak furniture from indonesia. actually, bali best product are statue carving, not furniture. why ? because most furniture sell in bali are come from jepara.


rattan furniture in cirebon

CIrebon is city to go to if you looking for rattan furniture, almost same like jepara with wood working industry, you can find so many factories and small supplier producing rattan furniture in cirebon.


teak root carving

If you looking to buy teak root furniture than blora is a way to go. you can also buy handicraft made from teak root from blora. anything made from root is available in blora, because this city is the heart of teak forest in java island.

Best Places to Buy Teak Furniture From Indonesia

You can have almost anything from jepara, so why look for another city ? well sometimes you want to buy various things in one container. so it is always a good thing to have option. for example if you have 70% rattan furniture and 30% various teak furniture, why not put the container in cirebon and find the teak furniture in jepara and send to cirebon ? it’s always good to have option.