Antique Silver Dining Armchairs KMK 047

Antique Dining Armchairs

Simple Specs:

CodeAntique Silver
MaterialMahogany Wood
ColorAntique SIlver
DimensionW 60 x D 65 x H 120 Cm
Volume0,468 M3
Weight16 Kg
20 ft60 pcs
40 ft134 pcs
40 ft HC152 pcs
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Classic dining armchairs KMK 047 are made from high-quality mahogany wood, all wooden materials are properly kiln-dried and treated with an anti-wood worm solution to achieve maximum durability and performance during use.

These classic dining armchairs are well manufactured with beautiful carving and silver leaf finish by our most experienced handmade furniture maker from Indonesia

Custom Dining Chair Design

All our furniture products can be changed or modified to meet your personal requirement, including size, shape, or finishing colors. Please state how you would like it customized during the submission process.

Price varies according to selected finishing, measurements, and other details. contact us to get more detail.

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