Oriental Bedside Table KKN 027

Classic Bedside Table

Simple Specs:

CodeKKN 027
MaterialSolid Teak Wood
ColorAntique Brown
DimensionW 40 x D 40 x H 55 Cm
Volume0,088 M3
Weight12 Kg
20 ft364 pcs
40 ft750 pcs
40 ft HC852 pcs
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This classic design bedside table has been around in the industry for quite a while, and it is for a good reason. The design is timeless and the functionality is spot on, that’s why people still love it.

This bedside table is made of selected teak wood with neat and smooth workmanship by an expert woodworker of a Jepara furniture company, resulting in good quality furniture at a reasonable price.

The finishing material uses nitrocellulose, the finishing character penetrates deep into the wood pores and is able to highlight natural wood fibers. Perfect for classic design furniture like this.

Custom Design?

All of our Indonesian furniture products can be made to suit your needs and desires, including this teak bedside table. You can request any changes ranging from color, size, and other details. You can request an entirely new product design or use one of our products as a reference to build your desired product.

Custom design orders will be very useful for a project developer, or a homeowner who needs a very specific design for your property.

Price varies according to selected finishing, measurements, and other details. contact us to get more detail.

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