Nabawi Mosque Door Replica

One of our unique project, a mosque door made of teak wood

Nabawi Mosque Doors Replica

Nabawi mosque doors replica that we made here is purchased by local government of “Kepulauan Riau” provence. They build or more precisely rebuild the ancient mosque of “Antam” that have been severely damaged by age. So we got a call from their building contractor name haji Supratman, He is in charge of the mosque build and development. He ask if we can make a doors and we said yes, he said the size is huge, and we said how big ? than conversation continue.

They give us technical drawing, somekind of CAD but not so accurate because door frame are already made an fitted by previous builder. so we have to re measure everything again and re drawing again. this must be done to avoid problem on later assembly process.

Nurul Iman Mosque Of Kijang

This mosque is build by PT. ANTAM which is indonesian company for mining industry. the government rebuild the old mosque with more modern and arabic mosque design. including the doors, which immitate great mosque of nabawi. size of this doors are 5 meter width and 5 meters in height. thickness is 5 cm made from solid teak wood with brass decorations.

Teak Mosque Door

Nabawi mosque doors replica on Nurul iman are made form high quality teak wood. they have solid frame wood than put small ornaments made from teak and brass plate and nails. We find some problems to attach brass ornaments on the door. they must be fit and match between wood and brass, otherwise they won’t match nicely. so we have to cut every pieces to door slots. its long and tedious but it wor perfectly.

Another problem is weight, this huge door are so heavy, it almost 500 kgs for each doors. we have to be carefull to attached them on the frame by lifting with 8 man.

Buy Nabawi Mosque Doors Replica ?

Overseas order are possible but not easy, because you have to have your own team to attach it onto the building. it is a work for the professional. we can discuss this problem if you want to make your mosque door like this. please contact us and we can talk a little detail about this. Thank you

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