Wooden Sofa

Wooden sofa classic and modern design

Wooden Sofa Design By Indonesian Furniture Factory

We have many wooden sofa designs available for you to buy, our collection includes antique reproduction designs and also simple minimalist style. You can also buy a custom-made sofa design to perfectly meet your needs.

There are many Indonesian furniture factories that claimed they can provide high-quality furniture including the wooden sofa but are their standards match yours? do they provide a clear explanation about their quality standard? here we will try to explain things that need to give attention when buying wooden sofa designs from Indonesia

Wood and Construction

It all starts with the wooden materials. No matter how great the design is but if it’s made with rubbish material then it will be useless, they will not stand and last long enough. Make sure that, your furniture supplier uses good quality wood that’s been treated properly. Treatment here is include kiln dried and woodworm solutions. We write about teak furniture in Indonesia which might be useful if you want to know more about wood that is used in the Indonesian furniture industry.

Construction-wise is also important to measure the quality of your wooden sofa design, you don’t want your favorite sofa design that only lasts for a year than broken down right? please make sure that your sofa is made with good joinery technique, mortise, and tenon joint and a wooden dowel is a must in sofa constructions.

For finishes, there is not much to expect from this product, just make sure everything is spot on just like you want.

Sofa Upholstery

Upholstery is the main part that defines the quality of the sofa. One main thing to pay close attention to is the foam that is used in wooden sofa design. Here in indonesia, we have many options of foam used for sofa upholstery. Ask your Indonesian furniture manufacturer what brand of foam they use, and let them explain the characteristics of that brand, and what’s good and bad with that brand. that way you can set your expectation when buying wooden sofa designs from Indonesia.

some people want their sofa to be extremely soft, but others want it to be a little bit firm. but one thing for sure everybody wants their upholstery to last a long time. ask for a warranty for the upholstery if needed.

For fabrics, here in indonesia, we have many available fabrics for sofas to choose from. There are many brands that provide various quality fabrics, both local brands and well-known brands like sunbrella. In this case, you might want to ask your supplier for one specific brand that you like and already know their quality, and let them check if it’s available or not. don’t let them give you anything that is available…ask what you want.

Our Sofa Price

Our furniture price including wooden sofa design is available in 3 different quality grades. Differences between each grade are mostly from wood quality, finishing material, and upholstery material that’s been used on the furniture piece. We do this grading thing to provide options to our customers, which furniture grade suit the best of what they need and their available budget. you can read more detailed information about this topic on our web page, click the latest price button above. ↑

Custom Design

All our furniture is fully customizable, you can change almost everything from size, detail, material or any other detail based on our already existing product. or you can build a completely new design with us. Please contact us or simply leave a message on the contact form below to discuss your furniture project with us.