Indonesian Wooden Handicrafts

Indonesian wooden handicrafts that we made are mostly from teak wood materials, they can be in form of an households like jar, ashtray, bowl or any other household products, but also in forms of a decorative purposes like wooden statue, relief carvings and other decorative products made from wood. here you can see some picture sample of indonesian wooden handicrafts that we have made.

Jepara furniture industry can produce hundreds different models of handicrafts that we’re not displayed here. simply give us a call if you interesting to buy one of those handicrafts. we put a minimum quantity orders for purchase small items but not for the big sized statue. for statue with big size, we pack in wooden boxes to avoid damage during delivery.

Handicrafts From Jepara


  1. Emile

    I would like to know the price for the durian jar please. Couldn’t find it on the product list. Thanks a lot. Your work is amazing

    • Efendi

      Hi Emile, Sorry for late reply, Price for handicrafts are updating right now and havent complete yet. At this date price for durian jar are 31,81 USD forex factory price. that was a retail price though…for reseleller or bulk purchase please contact us or shoot me an email. thanks and have a great day emile

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