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Living Room Table

This is our collection of various living room table which available both in classic and modern design, we have many design of coffee tables, side table and accent table to completed your living room design. however, if can’t find exact style that you are looking for, we also accept custom design furniture that match exactly to your needs.

We use 2 main wooden material to manufacture our living room table, teak are used for simple and modern design and all our indonesia teak furniture product, while mahogany used for classic design and painted. but that was only our standard material, we can use almost any kind of wood to make table for living room, plywood and metal combination are also do able in our indonesian furniture factory.

Custom Design

as we mention above, displayed product here might not be suitable to your needs, for example if you have one project which already have it’s own design pattern, than custom design is what you needs. we can make almost all furniture design furniture including all table for living room, just give us a call or send us email and we discuss your project with more detail.

Custom design table cover all aspect including size, shape, style and functionality of the product. you can read more detail in our page that’s explain about custom made furniture.

Living Room Table Price

Our furniture price including this living room table are available in 3 different quality grade. Difference between each grade are mostly from wood quality, finishing material and hardware that’s been used on the furniture piece. We do this grading things to provide options to our customer, which furniture grade are suit the best of what they need and their available budget. you can read more detail information about this topics on our web page, click latest price button above. ↑


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