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Teak Outdoor Chairs And Bench

Our collection of teak outdoor chairs and bench available in many design include :

  • Folding Chair
  • Sun Loungers
  • Fixed Chairs
  • Garden Bench
  • Stackable Chairs
  • Swing Bench etc

You can also buy teak outdoor chairs and bench with your own design for example if you have some hotel or resort project who have it’s own outdoor furniture design, or simply if you want custom design furniture furniture and it’s not available anywhere in the web, we can do that for you. we do need to have long and detail conversation to do that so its no mistake in the future.

Here in our city jepara, central java indonesia, there’s many furniture manufacturer who can work on outdoor furniture. many of them offering best quality or grade A high high quality stuff, but do you know what exactly do they mean ? no we are not saying they are lying or try to trick you, we just try to explain with our point of view, things to pay attention when you want to buy outdoor furniture from indonesia.

Wood Quality

Teak outdoor chairs and bench component are usually small size, so its not really hard to find good component to make them. but you may want to check for one specific parts which is the back legs, they usually have end grain exposed which is prone for cracks, you do want to make sure there is no heart wood used bacause this is fatal mistake in outdoor bench. it can crack in no time when it’s exposed to direct sun and outdoor weather. please also check for armrest parts. they also will take similar abuse because end grain exposed.

All teak outdoor chairs and bench will have small cracks and turn color if exposed to outdoor weather for long periods of time, this is natural. but it will be silly if you buy new furniture that already have cracks on it. so please make sure smallest detail are good to go.


Hardware like galvanized steel, brass or stainless steel are used on foldable chair, stainless are basically maintenance free, they are strong and rust resistant, but price are quiet high compare to brass or galvanized steel. for brass…they do will turn color to greyish patina if exposed in outdoor for long period of time, as for galvanized steel, they will rust after micro coating of galvanize fading away.

So please make sure that your hardware are in perfect condition as it should on new product, make sure they are properly functional as it should, smooth opening and closing, no stuck parts, no dents etc. just like you expected on new product.

Finishing For Outdoor Furniture

We do 2 kind of finishing in our indonesian furniture factory, one with fine sanding, just plain smooth sanding furniture and the other one is using waterbased finishing materials. what you want to make sure with quality of fine sanded teak outdoor chairs and bench is smoothness all around and no sharp edges. no chipping and make sure it’s clean from dust all around your products.

while what you expect from waterbased finished is similar colors, some newby finishing guy might result striped color which you really don’t want on your furniture. it may sound easy but really not. trained eye and hand of the finishing guy is really needed here. waterbase can’t really achieve smoothness level of fine sanded furniture, so you might need to know maximum result of waterbase materials. is it suit to your need or not, you may want to discuss this with your vendors. ask them master sample for sure…

Teak Outdoor Chair And Bench Price

Our furniture price including this teak outdoor chairs and bench are available in 3 different quality grade. Difference between each grade are mostly from wood quality, finishing material and hardware used on the furniture piece. We do this grading things to provide options to our customer which furniture grade are suit the best of what they need and their available budget. you can read more detail information about this topics on our furniture price page, click latest price button above. or you might want to check our friend website who talk about grade A quality furniture


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