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Teak root furniture indonesia…Why we call this as an ecological friendly products ? it is made from wood, we cut down the wood from the forest, so basically it is not an eco friendly products isn’t ? well, there is several reason why we call teak root furniture as an eco friendly products, first of all lets get back to how we, indonesian people harvesting the forest. after all trees are big enough, we get a chainsaw and then cut it down, we clean of the branches and we cut it into desired length, we leave the small branches behind and took only the big logs of wood. drag them to the trucks and leave it all behind. well this is a simple story, the actual process is not that simple of course. so…the branches and the roots…they are not use, we leave them there to rotten and let the nature takes their parts. what a waste isn’t ?

This is why we call it an eco friendly products

We collect big branches and make them into various shapes and form of accessories, we gather very small branches to become very good fire wood and only left the leave, which is very easy to decompose and actually good for forest soils. and than the roots. it takes another heavy work to take them out of the ground. we dig them, manually and very carefully. large trees can leave enormous size of roots, we dug almost 3 meter deep and wide to get them off he ground. we lift them up by hand or if its possible use an excavator machine. up to the trucks with all the selected branches left only leaves and very small branches and roots. this is the reason why we call it an eco friendly products. we take from the forest and maximize its potential to become human use products. we are absolutely replant the forest with new trees to ensure sustainability of them.

Teak root furniture final products

Our indonesian furniture factory can make a lots of teak root furniture indonesia products such as tables, chairs, benches, lounges and some artistic room decorations can made of teak root. it takes a lots of efforts to make it a usable products, but when its done the right way, they are definitely worthy to work for.


Teak root are the core of the tree, the very basic part that supports life of trees, so they are very very strong and durable, the final products of teak root will last generation to the next. and also, they are very beautiful and unique, none of them will be the same in shape and sizes, so you got one and only products when you buy teak root furniture.


It takes tons of work to collect them and make it into final products, it was relatively expensive reckon in it’s made out of leftovers. Well it was your call to buy them. here’s some pictures of teak root furniture that we have.

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Image are provided by indonesian teak outdoor furniture factory