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Wood Wardrobe Design

This is our collection of wood wardrobe design that we produce reguralely, we made almost all design for wardrobe start from modern minimalist to heavy carving classic design. Wardrobe are important piece of furniture for bedroom storage,  that’s why we need to pay close attention with the design and functionality to maximized its purposes.

Beside our regular design that we displayed here, we also accept custom made wardrobe to meet your specific needs. this is beneficial if you have specific design bedroom for example, you want walking closet wardrobe that had to fit exactly to your wall, or maybe you want wardrobe for hotel room that have a unique design. we can do that for you, we might needs to have more intens communication to discuss this. you can find detail information about how to buy custom made furniture from indonesia in this website.

Material, Hardware and Finishes

For most of our furniture product, we use teak and mahogany wood as our main material. teak are most popular for modern minimalist design with natural finished, and mahogany are use for classic design wardrobe with carving and especially painted finish with solid coclors. we cannot use teak with solid color paint because of high oil content in teak causes yellow stain on final result.

For finishing materials, we can use both waterbase and solvent base finishing material. solvent are chemical base while water are…waterbased. we also have experience using oil and wax finishes, especially for very natural look finish.

Hardware used on wood wardrobe design are door hinges, drawer rail and door handle and knobs. stainless steel hardware used modern design while brass are for classic wardrobe. all hardware are ready make by its own factory, its available in many many brands and quality level.

Wood Wardrobe Price

Our furniture price including this wood writing desk are available in 3 different quality grade. Difference between each grade are mostly from wood quality, finishing material and hardware used on the furniture piece. We do this grading things to provide options to our customer which furniture grade are suit the best of what they need and their available budget. you can read more detail information about this topics on our web page, click latest price button above. price are also available in indonesian rupiah on our indonesian language website.


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