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Wooden Bedside Table Made In Indonesia

Here you can find our collection of wooden bedside table with both classic and modern design, this design are our regular production model, but if you want to build a different bedside design than we can also do that for you. you can use available picture here as reference or you can send us CAD drawing for us to work with.

There are hundreds if not thousand of wooden bedside table made by jepara furniture supplier, most of them are antique style with carving made with teak wood sell for local market, mahogany is not so popular for local market. but they made it for low quality for local markets. so if you come to jepara and see so many furniture product on the street, please check the quality before you buy. don’t be tempted by cheap price and be sorry in another day.

Material, Hardware and Finishes

We use 2 wooden material to manufacture our bedside table, teak and mahogany. although we can use all kind of wood available here, but that two species is our primary material. we use teak wood mainly for simple and or modern style bedside table, as for mahogany, we use it for antique reproduction style furniture.

For finishing material we use both solvent base or waterbase materials. melamine, nitrocellulose or polyurethane is our regular finishing material. when our customer want to have very natural color finishes, we suggest using wood oils and natural wax. they leave smooth and natural wood color.

Hardware on wooden bedside table are not so many, it just a drawer rail or door hinges and knobs if its needed. for modern design we usually use stainless steeal or aluminum hardware, while for classic design we use brass. all hardware are ready make by its own factory, its available in many many brands and quality level.


Bedside price in our factory are available in 3 different quality grade. Difference between each grade are mostly from wood quality, finishing material and hardware used on the furniture piece. We do this grading things to provide options to our customer which furniture grade are suit the best of what they need and their available budget.

you can read more detail information about this topics on our web page, click latest price button above. price are also available in indonesian rupiah on our indonesian language website.


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