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Wooden Dining Table

Our collection of wooden dining table available in many design and size, you can buy a classic dining table or modern style directly from Indonesia furniture manufacturer to get the best possible price. we produce our product in house and also by our trusted suppliers so we can reduce the price to it’s lowest point.

Wooden material we use to produce our dining table is mostly teak and mahogany wood, teak is used for modern design while mahogany is used to make antique reproduction style furniture and painted furniture. we also use other wood species like pine, mango, rubber and also plywood, but it’s only by customer request.

Custom Design

When you can’t find a wooden dining table that you want here on our website, you can always request us to make an entirely new design for you. as a matter of fact, this is what most of our customer do with us. they contact us with some specific furniture design and then request to manufacture them. so if you want to add a new collection to your furniture store, or maybe you are a project manager who has specific design furniture for your project, contact us and we can discuss the idea to make it happen.

Dining Table Price

Our furniture price including wooden dining table is available in 3 different quality grade. Difference between each grade is mostly from wood quality, finishing material and hardware that’s been used on the furniture piece. We do this grading thing to provide options to our customer, which furniture grade are suited the best of what they need and their available budget. you can read more detail information about this topic on our web page, click the latest price button above. ↑

Custom Design

All our furniture are fully customizable, you can change almost everything from size, detail, material or any other detail based on our already existed product. or you can build a completely new design with us. Please contact us or simply leave a message on the contact form below to discuss your furniture project with us.

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