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Wooden Writing Desk

This is our collection of wooden writing desk which available in many design and size. we made almost all design and shape from simple modern design writing desk that suitable to use on every home to a classic desk with carving, elegant for office as an executive desk. a writing desk is a must-have item in the office and also for kids to study at home.

The product listed here is a regular item we made, but if it is not suitable to your need you can ask for a customized design that meets exactly your needs. we might need to discuss a little intense when you plan to purchase writing desk with special design. you can find information about how to buy custom made furniture from Indonesia on this website.

Material, Hardware and Finishes

We use teak and mahogany wood as the main material to build our wooden writing desk. for painted furniture, we cannot use teak for painted furniture. high oil content on teak wood make yellowing stain on the final paint surface. we use mahogany for painted furniture. beside our regular wooden material, we also use other material based on our customers demand. other tropical woods such as mango, mindi, sungkai are also workable. the same case with plywood, we can work with that material also to fullfilled our customer demand. we dont work with plastic molding and bent wood for now due to lack of machinery and expert engineer.

For finishing material, we use both solvent base or waterbase materials. melamine, nitrocellulose or polyurethane is our regular finishing material. when our customer want to have very natural color finishes, we suggest using wood oils and natural wax. they leave smooth and natural wood color.

Hardware on writing desk are not many, it just a drawer rail or door hinges and knobs if its needed. for a modern design, we usually use stainless steeal or aluminum hardware, while for a classic design we use brass. all hardware are ready make by its own factory, its available in many many brands and quality level.

Wooden Writing Desk Price

Writing desk price made by our indonesian furniture factory are available in 3 different quality grade. Difference between each grade are mostly from wood quality, finishing material and hardware used on the furniture piece. We do this grading things to provide options to our customer which furniture grade are suit the best of what they need and their available budget. you can read more detail information about this topics on our web page, click the latest price button above. price are also available in indonesian rupiah on our indonesian language website.

Custom Design

All our furniture are fully customizable, you can change almost everything from size, detail, material or any other detail based on our already existed product. or you can build a completely new design with us. Please contact us or simply leave a message on the contact form below to discuss your furniture project with us.

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