Things You Want To Know About Recycled Teak Outdoor Furniture

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Recycled Teak Outdoor Furniture

Teak has been a staple wooden material to make furniture for centuries, this wood has proven to withstand the harsh outdoor climate such as rain, snow, and hot summer sunshine. now, how can recycled teak outdoor furniture be one of the best products you can have for your garden? here are our two cents…

What is Recycled Teak Wood

First of all, let’s talk about the material, as it’s mentioned in the name, recycle teak wood is a material salvaged from old age or almost collapsed building and or construction structure like bridges or towers. Theoretically, it benefits to less deforestation because we are not cut new trees to make furniture and second because it’s very old, the wood plank is completely dry naturally, which resulting in a very stable wood grain that doesn’t move like shrink or warp like found on new wood planks.

Recycled teak wood has a very distinctive look which might be found very attractive for people who like antique or rustic look furniture, it has a grey, yellow and reddish color that we can’t find on newly sawn timber. Rustic look also found on nail marks, patched holes, and other defects that come from previous original constructions.

The downsides of recycled teak wood are they’re quite expensive, you might ask how a “broken” timber is more expensive than the new smooth one. this question is asked a lot by our customer who doesn’t get into rustic stuff. Well, our answer is because reclaimed wood is rare compared to a new one. we can get as many new planks as we want but not with recycled wood. and also, they are unique, and that cost some money for sure.

Why it’s Good to Use it On Outdoor?

When we use recycled teak wood as a material to build outdoor furniture, one thing for sure that becomes its benefits is the strength of the material. as we’re mentioned before, reclaimed teak wood is completely dried naturally, dry material is a must if we don’t want trouble in the future. especially for the harsh outdoor environment.

Other benefits of using reclaimed teak wood as garden furniture are the look, with the unique color we have mentioned above, garden furniture made from recycled teak wood will look more sophisticated compared to “boring” new wood. The imperfection found in this material is not considered a defect, as a matter of fact, it brings a unique character to the overall look of the furniture.

However, when we leave teak wood in the sun and rain uncovered and unprotected to the element, they will change color to a grey patina color over time. this also happens to recycled teak outdoor furniture, they too will change color just like new wood. if you don’t want this to happen, simply buy outdoor furniture covers for your beloved product, or just store them inside if it’s possible. we give you simple tips and tricks on how to care for outdoor furniture below ↓.

Teak Outdoor Furniture Care

Actually, there is no special treatment for teak outdoor furniture since the wooden material themselves are already a great species for outdoor usage. you can leave it outside untouched and they will be fine. however, you can do a few simple tips to prolonged your recycled teak outdoor furniture lifespan.

  1. Get yourself a furniture cover, if you want your furniture to last much longer, you can cover your garden furniture to protect them from the element. it’s finicky, but it works…
  2. if you don’t want to cover your recycled teak outdoor furniture, but don’t want them to change color. simply put some finishing oils onto them. linseed or teak oils are perfect. it can protect the color for a period of time. you must reapply the oils depend on the conditions.
  3. Oils change the true recycled teak outdoor furniture colors, what if you want the original color to stay as it is but doesn’t want to cover them every time you used it? well…you can’t do that. however, a simple light sanding or Scotch Brite and soap rub will restore its original color.
  4. Use water-based finishing if you want protection while still maintain the original wood color as close as possible.
  5. If you have a cushion for your garden furniture, read here for cushion and umbrella care.

Checklist Before Buy Reclaimed Teak Furniture

if you have a plan to buy recycle teak outdoor furniture from Indonesia, here’s our suggestion or thing’s good to know before you pay your deposit.

  • Make sure it is made from a genuine recycled material, as we mention above that reclaimed teak is more expensive compared to newly sawn timber. you don’t want to pay for fake things, do you?
  • Ask your supplier about the quality of the wood, where it comes from, how old, how many patches or defect on one plank, constructions methods, etc. make sure it’s meet to your standard.
  • Make sure from the first time, what kind of finishes you want to have on your furniture. is its smooth finish, rusticated or smooth distressed. this point can affect the final price. smooth one cost more than rusticated because they must use a good quality plank to make it, which harder to find on salvaged buildings.
  • Make sure you use high-quality hardware, stainless steel is the preferred choice due to it’s resistant to corrosion which you find risky on outdoor weather. this includes screws, bolts, hinges, etc…galvanized steel is an OK option, while brass might look appealing with its own weaknesses.
  • Pay attention to how your purchase is packed, is it knockdown or fixed? is it in a box with protections or just a single face paper wrap? how they will be stacked inside containers? how risky is that? your good supplier will explain all to you, while your not so good supplier will only push you to buy from them as fast as they can.


Recycled teak outdoor furniture is a great choice for you who understand the beauty of a rustic piece, there are some drawback and benefits from this material, it’s not for everyone for sure, only one who knows their stuff will pick rustic furniture so the market share is not as big as…let say…IKEA

All our outdoor furniture collections can be made using reclaimed teak wood material, however, if you have your own design or idea that would be splendid. please leave a comment or contact us to discuss your recycled teak outdoor furniture project. Thanks for being here…

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