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How to Antique Gold Finish Furniture

There are 2 common way on how to antique gold finish furniture which is using gold paint or use gold foil. the final result of the two is quite different, for gold paint they are tend to not glow very nicely, but they are easy to apply and also cheaper. as...

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Mortise Tenon Joints Using Hand Tools

Mortise tenon joints using hand tools Mortise tenon joints using hand tools are the easiest and cheapest way to accomplished one if not the srongest joinery in furniture constructions. They are used for centuries by carpenters all around the globe so it is tested and...

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Wood Glue For Furniture Making In Our Factory

Wood Glue For Furniture Making Wood glue for furniture is one of main component that determine the quality of the product. perfect construction and joinery will not complete without proper bonding, that's why we pay very close attention to glue applications and base...

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How To Clean Painted Furniture

How To Clean Painted Furniture, Like any other products in our house, painted furniture also need some maintenance and cleaning. even it is not much different from other type of furniture. we have to regularly dusting them with soft clothes or vacuum cleaner, and when...

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