Teak Furniture Indonesia

They are strong, durable and also beautiful, all things you can expect for an indoor furniture

Teak Furniture Indonesia

Teak furniture indonesia product are well known around the world because teak tree are widely grow here in indonesian archipelagos. Our ancestors has been using teak for almost all variety of use start to make their houses, agricultural tools, bridges and even tall ship to cross oceans. teak are strong and durable to withstand extreme weather found on marine and outdoor environment. this is our main reason why we use teak to make our outdoor furniture.

Beside the strength and durability of teak wood, we have to admit that they have a beautiful wood grain. it’s dense, rich color and interesting pattern that appeal and pleasing to the eye. and this is main reason to use teak as indoor furniture materials. however, there are some things to consider and good to know before you buy teak furniture indonesia. this is only our opinion based on our experience as indonesian furniture manufacturer. other furniture factory might have different approaches on this issue, but anyway…that was internet is all about right ? we share and compare ideas and informations…

Pay Attention For Wood Quality

Teak are just like any other type of wood, they have their own characters and also quality difference between one and the other. for most of the time, quality of teak are determined by where they grow and how well they’re maintaince.

what does we mean by where they grow…every tree love to grow on fertile soil and perfect landscape and terrain, lots of sunshine and water resources are idel for every tree to grow, however this is not really the case to achieve high quality teak wood. good indonesia teak wood usually come from limed soil terrain and rare water resource. just enough nutrient to keep them grow slowly but not too much that make them “fat”, this condition is ideal to produce tree that has really dense cambium and solid grain. when they grow too fast due to abundant nutrient, the final result of it’s plank are kind of soft and easy to crack. also they are more prone to shrink, bend and twisting.

in java…best quality teak wood usually come from central java and east java, blora in central java and pacitan in east java are well known for its highest quality teak wood. while west java have very fertile soil that produce not so good quality teak wood. however…you cant said that teak from west java are bad, it still good enough to make a furniture, just not that good compare to area we mention above. it’s just like compared a BMW M5 to a lamborghini aventador. they both great car but different quality standart, well…you got the point i guess..

Second point that determined quality of teak wood are how well they’re maintained. in Indonesia, theres 2 major source of teak wood which is wood that planted and cared by government forestry beureu (PERHUTANI) and wood that come from people forest. Teak wood from Perhutani are well manage by choosing best terrain to planting their tree, make sure they have enough nutrient, cut bad tree or bad branches and make sure they are protected from disease.

in the other hand theres teak wood that come from peoples forest, means they just grow like that on someone backyards or farm. it’s not really maintained or anything. they just grow…because of this treatment, teak wood that comes form indonesian forestry beureu has higher quality and resale value. or we can say its more expensive, much much more expensive than people’s wood. we only use this Perhutani wood for grade A teak furniture indonesia product.

So how to differentiate good quality teak wood and the not so good one ? well…it’s hard for ordinary people who has no experience on woodworking industry. but for most part you want your teak furniture made from big diameter tree which grow on good soil. in able to know where the tree are grown, you can can tell the difference from how tight the wooden grain on its surface and on the end grain. tight grain means it come from big and old tree that grow on good land, wide grain means they grow on very fertile soil which we mention above.

And to know that they are using big diameter tree is to look how wide the surface of its componenet are. we are not talking about small item like chairs because you know..they are small. we are talking about wide surface that need to have plank joins like table tops, doors, wide panels etc. its not always true but for most cases, the wider the plank the better its should be.

Look for natural defects. small wood knots are tolerrable but in less than 3 per meter square. you should avoid big knots because they can crack eventually and they not look so nice. also look for patches, they are not tolerrable in many cases unless you buy reclaimed wood furniture. if you have many patches it’s means wooden material used are not so good in quality, so in our opinion you better avoid them. we devide our teak furniture indonesia in 3 different grade as you can see the difference in the picture below, you can read more detail in our furniture price page.

Contruction Detail

Usually, our standart production time to make product, let say dining table, are 4 – 5 week, but did you know that we can make same shape dining table in only one week ? ( let’s call it one week table ), how can it be ? well…construction detail is the answer, you see…in order to make good quality teak furniture indonesia, we must make sure the wood is properly kiln dried and have a good constructions. it’s starts by properly dried them in kiln, in standart kiln dry oven it take about 2 week to dried them. even more if wooden plank is so thick.

on one week table no need to do that, just use fresh sawn timber and do the carpentry, do the sanding and finishing than sell it. it’s that fast, but is it good ? of course NOT…! it doesn’t matter how great the quality of teak tree that we are using, it will be almost useless if we not properly dried them. high humidity plank can cause cracks, bending, color fading, mouldy and another unwanted result. yes its not always happens but let’s not gambling on something that already known for sure.

Good joinery and constructions are also the key to produce good quality furniture. on one week table we use glue and some screw here and there and it’s done, it’s fast process, yes it is jointed and look nice in the first time but let see is it holds for a years, or even a month. we are not buy furniture and use it only for a year right ? so you should take a closer look on the joinery, ask them ( the manufacturer ) what technique they use, what glue and even what screw material they use. nit picky..? let it be, you can measure how well your vendors know their stuff by doing this, and also you can see how serious they are in the production and how good they do customer handling, or service should we say…

Hardware Detail

Hardware used for teak furniture indonesia especially for indoor are usually factory made, germany made or american made or where else made but let’s be honest, they are all made in china. let’s face it, they made high quality stuff too. hardware materials are powder coated steel or polished stainless steel. but specific for brass hardware ( used on antique reproduction furniture ) we get it from local supplier.

Hardware are also taking parts on teak indoor furniture price, not much but it;s quiet noticable in final price. let’s take an example with drawer rail, pair of low quality rail cost only $1 per drawer, while medium quality price $2,5 and the good one cost almost $5, the difference are not that big but take a look at the percentage…it’s huge. imagine you buy 5 drawer chest, $20 difference between low and high quality one, multiply it by 40 feet container which can load about 200 pieces, than…you see ?

Discuss with your vendor what kind of hardware they are using, ask them to provide you samples of low, medium and high quality hardware. that way you know exactly what you get when you buy from furniture manufacturer. after you touch and see by yourself what hardware they are using, you can clearly see the difference between low and high quality piece. it’s really doesn’t matter where it’s made, china or made in mars when its good stuff it will look and feel good stuff.

Finishing Detail

Always ask for color sample from your vendors and regularly check your finished product.

How to tell difference between high quality furniture finishing with low one ? in our opinion it’s really hard to tell the difference based on material or let say brand used. because they are freshly finished, even the cheapest and lowest quality brand doesn’t wear that fast, so best option for this is to ask for warranty. that’s it

However you can tell difference by how good the craftsmanship are put into final product, antique finishes should look and feel like antique, solid color should had an even color all around, fine sanding furniture should be smooth and really…finely sanded. it may sound easy but trust me, it take a lot of quality control stuff going on to deliver consistent quality product.

Becareful With Cheap Price

Cheap is good for most of the time, but if it’s too cheap than you must have suspicious thoughts about the quality. please compare everything with everyone, gathered all data you can get and educate yourself to make a final conclusion. to compare vendors is not impolite or anything, it’s a must in business.

in the end, it will not about the price anymore, they come second, it will more about how good their customer service and how trustworthy your vendor are. so thank you for being here and hope you find good teak furniture indonesia vendor who can work long term business with you.

All the best
Zulham Efendi

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