teak outdoor furniture care

Actually, theres no need to do anything fancy or hardwork for teak outdoor furniture care and cleaning, teak is tougher than you think. you can use ordinary soap and brush to clean them and they would be totally fine. you can also just leave it outside exposed to the element and teak wood will still okay.

However…they will change color and have a rough surface if we treated teak outdoor furniture that way. especailly when we buy unfinished product. and also, outdoor furniture are not only about wood, there’s hardware, fittings, cushions ets that also needs to be maintain. so what is the best thing to do for teak outdoor furniture care. Lets break it down a lil bit here :

Wood Care

Teak is very strong wood, it has dense and oily grain that make it water repellent. so you can leave it outside in pouring rain and covered in snow and teak will keep strong and un damaged. however teak will turn to gray patina if not treated with additional finishes. no matter what we do it still going to tur to gray.

To make teak wood back to original color, like brand new out of the box, use mild soap and warm water with smooth brush and clean the surface thoroughly. let it dry…perfectly dry and than sand it with 240 grit sand paper. make sure sanding action are in one direction with the grain. and magically the beauty of teak wood will rise again.

Hardware Care

Hardware used on patio furniture is made of brass, galvanized steel and stainless steel. for stainless steel maybe we can forget about it, because they are literally indestructible. but brass and galvanized steel are need proper maintenance to prolong their usability.

So how to properly maintain brass ? brass is a rust resistant alloy strong enough to last hundreds of years. however it’s oxidized really quick and turn from shinny gold to red brown coor in a matter of days. it get worse in marine environtment. only way to prevent this is by adding polyurethane clear coat. but…this will not last long. so the real way to maintain beauty of brass is to clean it every single day.

For galvanized steel, we cant do too much to prevent rust. as soon as the galvanized layer broken by oxidation, the rust will spreading all over the surface in matter of weeks. to prevent this to happen to quick, clean it regularly with clean cloth which been damped with WD 40 or other similar product.

Teak Outdoor Furniture Care of Cushion

Cushion for outdoor furniture maintenance are really depends on brand and material used. theres a brand that doesnt even care about the weather, it stand against cold and hot weather like nothing. but theres also a brand that required detail maintenance to get most out of it. but lets take it in between, how to maintain “normal” cushion for outdoor furniture ?

SImple actually, wash it when its dirty and store it while not in use. thats it really…treat your cushion like your own clothes and everything would be last for a long long time.


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