wood glue for furniture

Wood Glue For Furniture Making

Wood glue for furniture is one of main component that determine the quality of the product. perfect construction and joinery will not complete without proper bonding, that’s why we pay very close attention to glue applications and base material. there are several wood glue for furniture we use in our furniture factory, each of them has its own loss and benefits depends on what furniture we are making. here our short explanations over wood glue we use for our furniture making.

Epoxy 2 Component Wood Glue

Epoxy 2 component wood glue is a mix of resin base and hardener component. from our experience, this glue is very strong and very hard when its cured. it is so hard that will crack due wood shrink or swelling ( wood movement caused by weather ), this is why this type of glue are not really suitable for outdoor use which the furniture will facing extreme weather changes that can cause major wood movement.

But on the other hand, epoxy glue can be very helpful to filling gaps from unperfect joinery, for example, hand chisel mortise tenon joint. since we use hand tool to make this joints, occasionally we have to big holes for a small component. in this case, epoxy resin will do perfect to filling those gaps and make a perfect bond. of course we are talking about a few milimeter gaps. more than 2 milimeter than we have to throw away those component. too loose joint make a bad final result in overall constructions. we do still use epoxy glue for our furniture but only in particular parts.

Polyurethane Glue

This type of glue expands and form a foam shape when it’s cured. in our experience, they are weather reactance which follow wood movement due weather changes. some of high brands even make a completely weather resistance with this materials. this is our main reason to use them as Teak outdoor furniture applications. we also use this wood glue to make a finger joint and dove tail joints since they can perfectly filling tiny gaps and penetrates deep into wooden pores, this will provide very strong bonding over the joints. But we don’t use this glue to butt joint ore something similar to those type of joint since they are not very hard and strong without fit and snug joinery.

PVA Wood Glue

PVA stands for polyvinyl acetate and is glue that is used to stick papers and other materials such as wood and cement together. PVA glue is water proof and makes an excellent sealant for surfaces. they are water resistance and very good for both indoor and outdoor applications. we use them as our main wood glue for furniture making in our factory consider their flexible and durability of use. but even so, this type of glue are not really strong to apply on “butt joint” since they are not hard when cured.

Super Quick Dry Glue ( Cyanocrylate )

Super Glue is a strong, fast-acting adhesive that sticks to just about anything almost instantly, so it’s easy to accidentally stick together fingers or drip it onto clothes or surfaces.we use them to repair small cracks and other minor repair to our furniture. only small task can be handle by this glue since they easily cracks to quiet amount of force.

Those are wood glue we use in our Indonesian furniture factory, the explanations are only based on what we know and experience on field, so it might not be the accurate technical description over the glue. please have your comments and critics on the sections below.

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