handmade furnitures carving skills Why handmade furnitures

Handmade furniture methods that we do here in our production facility still using modern tool like sawing machine, planner, mortiser and other furniture machines, but all of them is still hand operated not automated machines like CNC and other high tech machines. Handmade furnitures is really flexible when its about quantity orders. On real manufacturing process, we do not need so much time to developed a new products like we do an large production scale using automatic machinery. we also do not need large number of order per item to start production. when we use automatic machinery we will need to set the machine to do mass production on one component at a time, its a cost efficient things. but we don’t have to do this on handmade furnitures products, we have so many handmade furnitures makers that can make one furniture design from start to finish individually. we only need one master sample and some ” jig ” to start the production. that’s why we do not need large quantity order when we use this methods.

Beneficially for furniture stores

Handmade furnitures methods can be beneficially for small furniture stores that doesn’t need large quantity products per item in one orders, on our experience with our clients that own small furniture shop, they only need maximum 5 pcs per items on their purchase. but they need many items to fill one 20 feet container for shipping efficiency, this kind of purchase will not acceptable on large production scale. when we do full machine made we usually place minimum quantity orders per item. the price will be lower compared to handmade furnitures prices. one more thing that become benefits on handmade furnitures methods is the quality, you will get hand crafted furniture products with human selected materials to meet human demands.


The only things that become disadvantage of this productions methods is the consistency of shape and sizes, after all its a handmade products, we put 0,5 cm tolerance in sizes and shape. with strict quality control handling of our indonesian furnitures factory this weakness can be manage and covered. contact us to find out more about our handmade furnitures products or leave a reply and share your thoughts and ideas with us. Have a nice day…


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