Everything That You Need to Know About Teak Outdoor Furniture Indonesia

Teak Outdoor Furniture Indonesia has been our main business for the last couple of years. We have a lot of experience in producing and sending out containers of teak outdoor furniture products to the worldwide market, it gives us real confidence to be able to give the best quality products and services to our customers.

We make classic design outdoor furniture that you may have to see in the markets, but we constantly developing new designs to give more fresh options to our customers.

There is a benefit of buying teak outdoor furniture Indonesia directly from a furniture manufacturer company, which is you will get the best quality product at a low price as possible. and you can also customize the products to meet your detail and specifications.

We have a good relationship with the local furniture manufacturers, This kind of relationship will provide us more capability to fulfilled the quantity and time scheduled from our customer demands.

And also, this kind of relationship keeps the small furniture workshop in Jepara city to continue their production. This scenario is of course under our strict quality control department watch to make sure everything matches our standard.

Teak Wood Furniture Raw Material

For teak outdoor furniture Indonesia, we only use this wood since this species is famous for being very durable and weather resistant. All of our raw material comes from sustainable forestry. This is important since we make our living depends on the forest, we have to take part in forest sustainability otherwise we can’t continue our business.

Government legal wood is a must to build teak outdoor furniture Indonesia in our opinion. We get our raw material from both government forests and also people wood for the purpose of giving our customers a different range of prices to match their market.

Government forest is a wood plantation forest run and managed by the Indonesian State-owned enterprise called PERUM PERHUTANI, so they are basically government property. While people’s wood is owned and managed by regular citizens in their own land but also under government watch and certification.

We support our government policy to reduce massive deforestation due to illegal logging, which is still massively happening in Indonesia. We believe that we are also part of the problem, so we take our responsibility by ensuring forest replantation and illegal logging are prevented by our government policy.

We also support a program called Trees4tree, it’s a non-profit foundation focused on renewing the environment and empowering local communities through reforestation and education. We know it will not stop the illegal logging simultaneously, but at least we contribute to something that prevents it.

To stop the illegal logging permanently, we have to kill the beast, which is poverty and greed. Not an easy task don’t you think so?

We kiln dried our raw material to get the best result and minimize problems such as cracking and bending caused by different weather in our customer’s countries, which mostly have four seasons and also extreme weather changes during summer and winter.

The low moisture content of furniture will also prevent mold to grow due to a damp environment on shipping which most of our customers really afraid to.

Rust Resistance Hardware

We use various hardware materials in our teak outdoor furniture Indonesia products, starting from electroplated steel, cast brass, stainless steel, aluminum, and many more. All those materials must have corrosion resistance against outdoor weather especially salty air because most of our customers use their product near to the sea which salty air is always around, and we all know what salt does to the bare metal right?

We put special coating onto our hardware to prevent damage and add much longer durability during use, a polyurethane base materials with powder coating system is best in our experience to cover this task. So when you buy our product, you will also have this special coating fit in your furniture as standard hardware.

Buy Teak Outdoor Furniture Indonesia

The main reason for you to buy teak outdoor furniture Indonesia, especially from a small medium-size company like us is that you can make small quantity orders and customizable designs. You will have difficulties doing such transactions with big furniture companies, especially when you have small quantity orders and custom designs.

Basically, we have no minimum quantity order, you can buy just one-pieces and we will send it directly to you, However, the delivery cost will be too expensive if you buy in retail, but we can do that order. In this matter, we always suggest to our customers to buy a minimum in 20 ft containers. You can fill as many different items as you want inside that container, and the larger the quantity, the cheaper we can give you the price.

The second reason why you want to buy teak outdoor furniture Indonesia is the quality of the material, teak that grow in the Indonesian archipelagos are one of the best quality in the world, so when you buy from us you will get the best material, good workmanship, low minimum quantity order and can work on custom design. this combination is perfect for small furniture stores and private projects.

Teak Outdoor Furniture Price

The price of our teak outdoor furniture Indonesia product really depends on the quality of the wooden material, complicity of the design is also affected the price, but mainly how much raw material used is the main factor to determine the selling price.

We have 3 grades with different prices for our furniture product, this only to give more option to fit our customers budget and needs. Grade A is the best quality you can buy, grade B is medium and grade C is the standard quality.

You can read more detail about grade differences on our page that explains furniture prices from Indonesia.


In conclusion, teak outdoor furniture Indonesia is a perfect option for you, furniture store owner, or project manager who wants to have the best quality teak furniture at a competitive price. Please contact us or visit us at our workshop to discuss your future project. Thank you and have a great day!